Making the Switch Has Never Been Easier

Join thousands of MSPs and IT Teams who have seamlessly transitioned to Autotask. Our automated data migration slashes ticket resolution time in half. Count on our dedicated PSA migration team for support at every step — before, during and after implementation.

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Making the Switch Has Never Been Easier

In-house Implementation Team with Decades of Experience Makes Autotask the Right Choice


IT Teams successfully onboarded to Autotask


IT Professionals use Autotask every day

53+ Million

Records migrated to Autotask

We’re With you Every Step of the Way

Rely on Datto’s implementation team, boasting decades of expertise in guiding IT teams like yours through seamless migrations. Your business processes and data will find a new home in Autotask with confidence and precision

Dedicated Project Resources

Ensure clarity in your project with a dedicated project manager for accountability and an implementation manager for streamlined communication. Know exactly who to contact at every stage.

Guided Implementation

Working together, your implementation manager reviews your processes and workflows to set up and configure Autotask to work for you.

Data Mapping and Migration

Data from your existing system is mapped to your Autotask implementation. Data that cannot be migrated is configured with the guidance of your implementation manager.

Testing and Training

A systematic check is done to ensure the migrated data works with your new implementation. Your implementation manager will provide resources to empower you to train the rest of the team.

Minimize Downtime

Continue your work uninterrupted as data migration progresses. After the transition, a thorough delta migration is conducted to ensure the complete and accurate transfer of all information into Autotask.

Be Smarter, Faster, Stronger by Switching to Autotask

Read what IT teams just like yours are saying about their experience after switching to Autotask.

Discover the Benefits of Centralized and Streamlined Operations

Autotask enhances efficiency and service by optimizing workflows, enabling quicker ticket resolution and facilitating data-driven decisions. This, in turn, boosts productivity and profitability.

Powerful Automation

Automate workflows by setting up event triggers. This time-saving feature ensures efficiency on every PSA ticket, allowing you to focus more on critical tasks while reducing manual efforts.

Never Miss an Alert

Centralize your triage and dispatch process with intuitive dashboards and widgets, empowering your staff to take immediate action for faster issue resolution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I migrate from ConnectWise to Autotask PSA?

Yes! Key data from ConnectWise can be migrated automatically to Autotask. Due to the structural differences between the systems, some objects will need to be rebuilt in Autotask to take full advantage of Autotask’s powerful features. Your implementation manager will guide you through this process.

How long does it take to onboard to Autotask PSA?

Is the Autotask Migration Automated?