Datto Secure Edge

SASE made simple

Datto Secure Edge is your ultimate cloud-managed secure access solution, crafted for the expanding remote and hybrid workforce. Designed to simplify network access, our platform improves security, extends policy enforcement and provides a superior alternative to traditional VPN solutions, all while giving users a better networking experience.

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Datto Secure Edge

Fast and secure network access for remote workers

The surge in remote work has given rise to new cybersecurity challenges, rendering traditional VPNs insufficient. To address this, businesses need to enact robust measures, like remote access security, device management, data security and network segmentation.

What is SASE?

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) is a cloud-native solution that consolidates advanced networking and security functions into a single unified service, providing secure access to applications and data from anywhere in the world. Offering comprehensive security, low latency, enhanced scalability and reduced costs.

How it works

SASE combines the best of networking and security, simplifying connectivity for users and devices to applications and data, ensuring a secure digital experience. With networking services like Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) and SaaS Acceleration, and security features such as Next-Gen Firewall (NGFW) and Secure Web Gateway (SWG), SASE offers efficient connectivity and robust protection. Whether you're working from the office or remotely, SASE provides a user-centric, secure access experience.


Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) allows devices to connect to a company's applications, data and services with confidence. Grounded in a robust security model of “never trust, always verify,” the zero-trust approach revolves around precisely defined access control policies.

Datto Secure Edge SafeCheck with Datto RMM

Verify the device status in Datto RMM before granting Datto Secure Edge access. Only authorize access to applications through Datto Secure Edge for devices that meet compliance standards.

Policy enforcement

With next-generation firewalling from the cloud, administrators can enforce security policies as if the user was in the office behind the corporate firewall. Granular controls by user or group ensures policies are enforced regardless of where the user is located.

Secure your company networks from cyber threats

Datto Secure Edge allows you to protect your clients networks no matter where end users are connecting from.

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Key SASE features and benefits of Datto Secure Edge

Datto Secure Edge gives MSPs and SMB IT professionals the power and control needed to efficiently manage dispersed endpoints and users. Features can include our simple cloud-deployment and dynamic scaling with friendly pricing.

Make hybrid work more secure

Say goodbye to legacy firewalls and patchwork VPNs, and hello to a single, cloud-based solution for your hybrid workforce

Deliver seamless security

Datto Network Manager allows you to easily manage security and network controls. These include:

  • DNS/application filtering
  • Secure Wi-Fi
  • Next-gen firewall features
  • Encrypted VPN
  • 2FA

Define and enforce security policy by user or work group

Datto Secure Edge allows you to build unique security configurations and assign them to specific work groups

Deploy in minutes

Datto Secure Edge is simple enough to let you rapidly deploy by yourself. Our all-in-one solution is easily consumable and renewable to our customers

Streamline your vendors

Securely and seamlessly integrate with Datto solutions such as Datto RMM and Datto Networking. You can also use your existing identity management tools all while leveraging our 2FA protected Partner Portal

Prioritize network traffic

Datto Secure Edge eliminates latency by prioritizing work and SaaS traffic to ensure that remote workers enjoy an optimal experience

Commonly Asked Questions about Datto Secure Edge

What is SASE?

Secure access service edge is commonly known as SASE and is pronounced “sassy”.

SASE is cyber security technology designed to manage access to networks and maintain security controls. The concept of SASE combines multiple network security protocols into one solution. These protocols include: wide area networking, or WAN, and network security services like CASB, FWaaS and Zero Trust.

For SMBs SASE solutions improve efficiency of managing multiple networks. The reason for this is that these controls are managed by a cloud-based application, which makes deploying security standards easy.

As a result SASE solutions are able to enforce policies around digital identity, real-time context and regulatory compliance standards. These enhance the overall security position of a network. it ‘s important to note that SASE should never be used as a complete solution to network security. Datto Secure Edge is a part of a multi layered security approach.

To learn more about how Datto can help you with network security, request a demo.

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