Next-Generation Antivirus Protection to Shield You Against Cyber Threats

Datto AV stands as your business’s first line of defense, offering unparalleled, next-generation Antivirus protection.

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Revolutionize Your Cybersecurity Posture

With Datto AV, safeguard your business against sophisticated cyber threats through AI-driven, next-generation Antivirus protection.

Advanced Threat Prevention

Utilize AI, machine learning, and the latest in threat intelligence to proactively identify and block zero-day and polymorphic threats, ensuring your business stays ahead of attackers.

Seamless Performance

Enjoy top-tier security without sacrificing performance. Datto AV is designed for efficiency, maintaining system speed and user productivity without compromise.

Comprehensive Real-time Protection

Benefit from real-time scanning and automatic threat blocking with advanced unpacking capabilities, ensuring immediate response to any cyberthreat.

Global Threat Intelligence

Leverage cloud-based global threat intelligence for up-to-date protection. Datto AV’s cloud infrastructure continuously updates with the latest threat data, offering superior defense mechanisms.

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Discover how Datto AV can transform your cybersecurity defenses.

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Advanced Features of Our Next-Generation Antivirus Software

Next-Generation Antivirus Engine

Beyond signature-based security, incorporating AI and machine learning for dynamic threat response.

Efficiency Meets Performance

Optimal security without compromising system performance, using minimal system resources.

Protection and Detection Capabilities

Real-time scanning with advanced unpacking and detection for comprehensive malware identification.

Cloud Security Intelligence

Access to global threat intelligence through cloud-based infrastructure for enhanced security insights.

Seamless Integration with AMSI

Protection against script-based malware and non-traditional cyberattacks.

Automatic Quarantine and Remediation

Quick identification, quarantine, and thorough cleaning of infected systems.

Endpoint Protection Redefined

Datto AV follows the same core principles as Datto EDR: to be easy to use, not generate unnecessary noise, and stop the threats that plague businesses. Seamless integration between Datto AV and EDR creates a powerful combination to easily protect, detect, and respond to cyber threats, all from the same interface.

Common Questions about Next-Gen Antivirus

Next-generation antivirus (NGAV) uses advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to identify and block new threats that traditional antivirus software might miss. Unlike conventional AV, which relies on signature-based detection, NGAV focuses on behavior analysis and anomaly detection to protect against sophisticated cyber attacks, including zero-day threats and ransomware.

The difference between next-gen AV and Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) lies in their approach and capabilities. While NGAV focuses on preventing attacks by recognizing and blocking known and unknown malware, EDR provides a deeper level of monitoring and response, analyzing and responding to threats that have penetrated the system. EDR tools offer investigative capabilities, allowing for the detection of advanced threats and providing detailed information for remediation.

Antivirus (AV) software traditionally relies on signature-based detection to identify threats, comparing files against a database of known malware. Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV), however, uses more advanced techniques including machine learning and behavior analysis to detect and prevent both known and unknown threats, making it more effective against modern cyber attacks.

The difference between Extended Detection and Response (XDR) and Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) is their scope and integration level. XDR extends beyond endpoint protection, integrating various security tools across networks, cloud, and endpoints for a more comprehensive threat detection and response. NGAV, in contrast, focuses specifically on endpoint protection with advanced methods to prevent malware infections.

Datto AV's integration with Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solutions enhances cybersecurity defenses by combining Datto's advanced antivirus capabilities with the extensive monitoring and response features of EDR. This integration allows for a more robust security posture, enabling real-time threat detection, automated response, and detailed analysis for comprehensive protection against sophisticated cyber threats.

• Dual Core with 1.6 GHz • 2GB free RAM (4GB recommended) • 2GB free HDD (5GB recommended) • Intel x86 32-Bit and 64-Bit dual core

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