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Enterprise File Sharing to Help Secure Collaboration

Datto Workplace is the security-focused enterprise file sync and share (EFSS), delivered by managed service providers, to enable secure and efficient collaboration.

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Intuitive, Secure Collaboration

Built for business, Datto Workplace provides a seamless and familiar way for employees to access their files and collaborate securely from anywhere, on any device.

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Seamless Integration

A solution tailored for every role and deep integrations with Microsoft Office, Teams, and Outlook makes Workplace easy to adopt in any organization by enhancing existing workflows instead of forcing employees to change their preferred ways of working

Proactive Threat Detection

Workplace goes beyond simple rollbacks to protect your data. Patented active malware and ransomware detection mitigates risks and enables rapid corrective actions to protect against threats.

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Outstanding Compliance and Security

Secure cloud infrastructure, compliant with HIPAA, GDPR and SOC 2, combined with in-transit and at-rest data encryption, role-based access control (RBAC) and audit trails ensure security for most demanding clients. In addition, PII scans and summaries, powered by Compliance Manager GRC, ensure that sensitive PII data does not leak via files shared by employees.

Advanced Management and Reporting

Multi-tenant cloud portal provides full administrative control, license management, automated alert & report configuration, RMM & PSA integration, and more.

Enable Remote Work without Sacrificing Security

Workplace Server enables hybrid environments with ease — both office and remote workers have real-time access to data, including on
file servers or Network Attached Storage (NAS).

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Built for the Demands of a Digital Workforce

Workplace is designed to ensure secure collaboration and protect from the risks associated with file sharing. Access via server, or in the cloud with desktop, online, or mobile to optimize performance without compromising convenience.

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File Sync and Share Configured for Businesses

Threat Detection and Management

Workplace detects ransomware infections, quarantines the source, notifies an administrator, and quickly reverts files to a clean state.

Sophisticated Administrative Controls

Give proper access to the right users with customizable user and group configurations and policy controls.

Multi-Tenant Management

Track client teams and storage with centralized management and reliable configurations.


“Datto Workplace is superior not only on a technical basis but when we looked at the Partner Program and the interactions with the PSA and the entire picture of what we were going to be able to offer our clients, it was clearly a superior solution.”

Daniel Johnson
Daniel Johnson President, machineLOGIC

FLEXspend for Datto Backup

The location of your data may change, but the need to protect it doesn’t. Our unique FLEXspend program allows you to reassign an existing backup contract to another module within the Datto backup portfolio to protect any type of workload and data — from on-prem appliances, to the cloud, SaaS, and anywhere in-between. FLEXspend protects your investment and helps you move that spend to where your data needs it most.

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Work from anywhere without sacrificing security.

Datto Workplace is the perfect remote working solution to enable collaboration and maintain productivity
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