Simplifying Quoting and Selling

MSP Quoting Software with Procurement Automation

Quote Manager is an intuitive cloud-based sales platform built for Managed Service Providers (MSP). With its quoting, procurement, and ecommerce tools, you can drive both efficiency and profit margins to new heights.

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MSP Quoting Software - Datto Quote Manager

A Sales Platform built for MSPs

Unify your suppliers through vendor data feeds and reduce the time-consuming quoting process from hours to minutes. Quote Manager also automates the procurement process to help drive efficiency and maximize your profits within your sales flow.

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Reduce Sales Delays

Optimize your sales processes with Quote Manager’s efficient quoting templates. You can create and send branded quotes within 30 seconds to drive sales and close new deals.

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Save Time with Procurement Automation

Quote Manager is an intelligent platform that automates procurement with supplier data feeds to increase transactional speed and reduce rework.

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Quote Manager - Ecommerce Store Portal

Drive sales with an eCommerce store

Remove the manual effort on transactional purchases with Quote Manager’s ecommerce capabilities. More than just a quoting tool, you can enable your clients to purchase pre-approved products from you online 24/7.

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Boost efficiency by integrating with workflows

Quote Manager also integrates with leading PSA platforms and accounting packages to improve efficiency for MSPs.

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A more efficient way to sell

Quote Manager is a cloud-based platform that simplifies quoting and procurement to increase MSPs’ operational efficiency and profitability.

Quote Manager - Self Service Store Portal

Improve Customer Satisfaction and Profitability

Automates the procurement process through data feeds into your suppliers and procures products based on availability and cost to help maximize your margins. Improve transactional reliability for less rework and faster turnaround times.

Increase Your Speed of Sale

Speed up the approval process and help ensure document security with mobile-friendly quotes and digital signature capabilities.
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Capture Incremental Product Revenue

Simplify quoting and procurement to respond faster to client needs while driving incremental transactional product revenue.


Prepare Quotes Onsite

Quote Manager’s UI is so simple and intuitive, even technical staff members who don’t typically sell can quickly respond to customer needs by quoting and selling in minutes while onsite.

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Drive Online Sales

Capture incremental revenue with an ecommerce portal for clients to purchase approved solutions at their convenience, with up-front payment options.

It’s Much More than Simple Quoting Software


Quotes in Less than 30 Seconds

Effective, branded quotes in just seconds.

Automated Procurement

Increased margins and improved transactional reliability.

eCommerce Portal for Online Sales

eCommerce Portal for Online Sales

Easy, 24/7/365 procurement of approved solutions.


“Datto Quote Manager is so automated you can really do more with less when it comes to the resources it takes to get quotes out, to procure equipment, and communicate with my vendors. It gave me the ability to quote more without having to scale increase my sales force.”

Brian Weiss
Brian Weiss CEO, ITECH Solutions

“Datto Quote Manager has transformed procurement in our business and helped deliver an optimised, efficient, and streamlined procurement process for our clients, suppliers and staff via a single interface.”

Matt Wynn-Jones
Matt Wynn-Jones Managing Director, Counterparts Technology

“Thanks to the simplicity and intuitive experience of Datto Commerce our profitability has drastically improved by capturing product revenue that we otherwise would have missed out on.”

Mike Reid
Mike Reid General Manager, Calvert Technologies

“I have found the Quote Manager platform together with Autotask and Xero to be one of the final pieces of the puzzle we needed. The support from the staff is fantastic, fast, friendly and supportive.”

Jason Watts
Jason Watts Director of Sales, Neveco

“Datto Quote Manager is a product which helps you reduce your quoting time from 1h to 2-5 min (30 secs if you use a template). On top of this, all our clients are now paying upfront. This had a massive impact on our cashflow over the last 6 months. Our customers like the “new look and feel” of our quoting software too. 5 stars from us.”

Mark Pelt
Mark Pelt Director, Advanced Technology

“Creating quotes for clients has always been a component of the business that has taken time as product is not sourced from just one supplier. As the Datto Quote Manager platform uses feeds from multiple suppliers, quoting has been tremendously simplified. Even better, customers can log on themselves and do their own purchases. We’ve always been able to provide great service, but now we can be much more.”

Mario Misso
Mario Misso Chief Operating Officer, LogicalTech Group

Start Selling in Your Sleep

Let your customers purchase when it suits them with Datto’s ecommerce engine.
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