TelephonyAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)


We are a small software company based in the Netherlands. The mission of CloudCTI is to create software that connects any communication device with any contact database. To this end, we work of with the API’s of many CRM vendors, in addition to a universal set of techniques, to interface with Customer Relationship Management applications. Our services are low cost and universally priced. For the other side of the connection we offer a broad portfolio of supported communication systems of all types.

For caller recognition we sync the phonebook information and store the phone numbers normalized and indexed so they can be matched real quick on an incoming call. That is the only functionality we use with the API.

* click-to-dial: making it easy to phone your contacts directly from your CRM (without accidental mistyping)
* caller recognition: showing who is calling as your phone rings
* screen pop: bringing you immediately to the right page in your CRM so you have all relevant Information at hand

Contact: and

Available where we have telephony partners, Europe, North America and we are running demo’s in South East Asia.

Our client is available in English, Dutch, French, German (Spanish on the way) and the Recognition Configuration Tool is only available in English.