December 20, 2023

Q4 2023 Product Innovation Update: What’s New in Datto Backup

By Sam Roguine
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Today’s IT landscape demands staying ahead of the curve, requiring managed service providers (MSPs) to commit to innovation. That way, they will be able to revolutionize their clients’ backup and recovery solutions and redefine the approach to data management, ensuring efficiency and a heightened level of intelligence, resilience and security.

In the recent Datto Backup innovation update webinar, we shared the strides we took in the realm of data protection — following Datto’s vision to protect data no matter where it lives. Datto backup solutions allow MSPs to go beyond the conventional, offering a holistic approach to client data protection across on-premises, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and cloud environments. All of this is delivered via Datto Unified Backup, which tackles the problem of too much data being efficiently managed in multiple places with a one-solution, one-screen approach to manage it all.

Recapping major innovations

At Datto, we aim to make a continued push to drive the recovery time objective (RTO) to zero with the help of Datto Cloud. This aligns with the vision to create an environment where data loss and downtime are non-existent. Let’s dive deep into the latest innovations and integrations discussed during the live session.

Integrated Customer Billing feature

The new feature involves a deep operational integration between Datto Backup solutions and Autotask PSA as well as Kaseya BMS, which ultimately helps expand the MSP margin by automating the custom billing process. It allows technicians to save up to 50% of their time and gather usage reports, reducing the complexity of billing backup services. Powered by the KaseyaOne platform, this feature reduces billing costs and even cuts down on full-time equivalents (FTEs).

Compliance Manager GRC integration

A lot of industries and government regulations require evidence of adhering to compliance requirements, including backup of critical data and workloads. With this new integration, the evidence of backup compliance is auto-populated in Compliance Manager GRC reports. It is included with Datto BCDR, Datto Endpoint Backup for PC, Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery and Datto Endpoint Backup for Microsoft Azure. Such comprehensive evidence of backup compliance can help MSPs prove to clients that they’re compliant-based.

Datto RMM Integration with Datto Backup

The complexity of MSP environments, along with the increasing volume of data and cyberthreats, makes the protection of business-critical information difficult. As a result, there’s a significant drop in overall operational efficiency while personnel costs rise, making it almost impossible to drive efficient service delivery. Hence, MSPs need a solution to simplify monitoring as well as backup and recovery processes that will reduce technician workload and operational costs.

The integration between Datto RMM and Datto Backup products addresses this by alleviating heavy workloads on technicians and reducing the associated costs. Now, MSP technicians can help clients perform backup and recovery tasks directly in the Datto RMM console, saving up to 25% of the time and simplifying the overall backup and recovery process.

Datto Backup Hero Reports

Since more and more organizations rely on MSPs to orchestrate and manage their digital journey, it is a daunting task for an MSP to stand out in a sea of options. It’s not just about providing excellent service anymore. This is where Datto Backup Hero Reports can be a game changer. It allows MSPs to easily demonstrate the value of their services loud and clear to the clientele. The insightful and customizable reporting of this feature can help MSPs save up to 75% of technician time preparing reports for the clients.

1-Click Disaster Recovery

Setting up disaster recovery (DR) environments continues to be a top priority for MSPs, resulting in irregular testing and errors during DR. This leads to extended downtime. With the Datto 1-Click DR feature, disaster recovery can be made incredibly quick and effortless. The feature allows MSP technicians to clone virtual machines (VMs) and network configurations from previously conducted successful DR tests. As a result, the DR process becomes efficient and downtime is reduced.

Enhanced Versioning in Datto Workplace

Versioning facilitates seamless and secure collaboration that allows multiple users to work on files simultaneously. However, it’s very difficult for a collaboration platform to determine which version(s) to preserve. Every time a user takes an action — clicks a button or adds a letter — it can create a new version each time. If every version is saved, thousands of versions will be there to choose from. This makes it extremely challenging and time-consuming to locate the file before the unintentional change was made.

The enhanced versioning focuses on preserving the versions saved prior to the significant changes made to the file. The versions are saved for 180 days and are created before a different user starts editing the file. Also, the new version is created before the same user resumes editing the file after a six-hour gap since the last edit. With this feature, Datto Workplace eliminates the risk of data loss.

Datto FLEXspend for Backup program

The all-new Datto FLEXspend for Backup program empowers MSPs to adapt to their clients’ ever-changing data protection needs while ensuring there’s no need to worry about sunk investment. With this, MSPs can flexibly reassign their committed contract investment from one Datto Backup solution to another.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Many more exciting features and programs were showcased in the session. These innovative upgrades and platform releases serve as a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that can empower MSPs like yours to build trust among clients.

Watch the webinar recording to get in-depth details about the latest updates. Curious to see firsthand how Datto Unified Backup can help you protect your clients’ data from disasters and save them millions of dollars in revenue? Schedule a demo today.

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