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Aportio InboxAgent

Aportio’s InboxAgent provides Intelligent Conversation Insights and Management of text-based conversations for Customer Services & IT Help Desks.

InboxAgent is an AI-powered tool that reads, classifies, analyses and logs or updates tickets from user email queries (or other text-based queries) so your people don’t have to. Receive Insights about what your customers are saying in easy-to-use PowerBI-based reports.

  • Direct cost savings by taking 2-4 minutes out of every ticket!
  • Agents love that it takes away mundane tasks!
  • Managers love that they get insights about trends in user queries so they can fix problems at source.
  • Customers love that they can continue to use their channel of choice – they are not forced to use a new channel.

Our customers say:

  • “We’ve seen a massive gain in speed to resolution, and more agent time on high value tasks.”
  • “Eliminating admin of unnecessarily duplicated tickets - saves 100s of hours a year.”
  • “We halved manual processing during end of month billing reviews.”
  • “The team would revolt if we took it away.”
  • “We understand more about our customers - and how to better serve them - in real-time.”

Working closely with Autotask customers, and designed by people who have a long history working in and with IT managed services providers, InboxAgent overcomes challenges of triaging text-based queries.

  • Trained for IT, and designed to manage multi-customer MSPs, InboxAgent provides high classification accuracy out of the box.
  • Declutters signatures and unnecessary images which makes it easier for agents to read.
  • Recognizes connected emails even without a ticket reference or from a 3rd party.
  • Provides insights about trends of intent, topic, sentiment and urgency.
  • And it is quick and easy to install.

Pricing is designed for small IT teams and MSPs:

  • Teams of 15-25 @ $100/month
  • Teams of 26-50 @ $250/month
  • Large teams please ask us for a quote.

Add-ons include:

  • detailed topic logging; ($50/month); and
  • Insights reporting on all call-notes, regardless of query source ($50/month).

Reach out to the team at the email below or see our website for the easy-to-follow instructions to start a free trial.

Available worldwide in English.

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