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Aportio Technologies specialises in IT and contact center service automation, using Artificial Intelligence to help customer support teams radically improve their service experience.

Our team is laser-focused on delivering the best of AI technologies, simply. Unencumbered by legacy technologies, Aportio provides tools and plug-ins using APIs to enhance the functionality of service management systems, without compromising functionality, and without the cost and effort of large system upgrades.

The Aportio team is made up of proven business leaders, service delivery experts and best in class technical people who are passionate about delivering the benefits of disruptive technologies.

Used by enterprise IT teams and managed services providers, InboxAgent is a seamless plug-in to Autotask PSA. It is easy to install, improving speed of resolution and removing time-consuming and mundane tasks from the customer enquiry process so agents can spend more time with customers tackling complex support issues.

Emails are a high cost channel of support for service providers, but email remains a highly popular method of communication for many users.

InboxAgent reads incoming emails, strips of unnecessary text and images, classifies the emails correctly, and initiates automated actions with no human intervention.

InboxAgent achieves higher classification accuracy and less human effort than other solutions. InboxAgent:

  • Associates related email conversations to avoid ticket duplication.

  • Uses AI to classify and automatically assign to the right outcome.

  • Combines multiple mail parsing and ML approaches for greater accuracy.

  • An easy plug-in to Autotask PSA, so no need for long and costly system upgrades to take advantage of AI.

  • Manages the complexity of email logging for MSPs that have multi-customer Autotask implementations.

  • Customers can continue to use their channel of choice – which is often email – they are not forced to use a new channel.

Available worldwide in English.

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