October 18, 2023

Hero reports: Level Up Your MSP Game

By Sam Roguine
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Managed service providers (MSPs) play a pivotal role in navigating today’s complex data protection landscape. They manage the intricate web of data that fuels businesses, safeguard business continuity and ensure disaster recovery when the unforeseen strikes. However, as the MSP market becomes more saturated with providers claiming to offer the best solutions, the need to prove unparalleled customer value has never been more critical.

With more and more businesses jumping on the bandwagon of digital transformation, they are increasingly relying on MSPs to orchestrate and manage their digital journey. However, in a sea of options, how can MSPs stand out and demonstrate the unique value of their services? With customer churn rates as high as 30% in the global market, it isn’t just about providing excellent service anymore — it’s about proving it loud and clear.

That’s where Datto’s all-new feature, Hero reports, can be the game changer for MSPs like you. Imagine having the power to not only protect your clients’ data but also prove that your services are their lifeline in the digital world. With Hero reports, you can do just that — cut through the noise, transform technical jargon into tangible results and become a strategic partner with proof of your clients’ success.

Hero reports: Demonstrate your customer value easily

Datto’s Hero reports are designed to help you deliver automated, customized and insightful reports that provide a clear view of your clients’ backup status and disaster recovery (DR) readiness across Datto Backup. Hero reports offer customizable formatting and optional sections that enable you to tailor the reports to meet each client’s specific preferences and needs. You can also adapt the schedule and frequency of these reports to fit your client’s requirements.

Hero reports make it easier for you to demonstrate the value of your services clearly to your customers. Meanwhile, your customers can rest easy knowing that their data is not just secure but primed for rapid recovery in case of any unforeseen circumstances. As a result, you get better margins, loyal clients and a reputation as an MSP that doesn’t just promise excellence but proves it consistently and evidently.

Intelligent and insightful reporting

Unlike third-party tools that lead to superficial integrations and workflow complexities, Hero reports are smart and simple. They automatically create a summary and details of all backups executed for the client and can be scheduled to be delivered automatically. Hero reports can combine multiple backup modules in a single report per organization.

As a result, Hero reports can reduce your team’s time spent preparing customer presentations and quarterly business reviews by up to 75% while also providing more accurate and detailed information.

The best margins

Datto is the world’s largest vendor of proven, reliable, secure business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solutions that are purpose-built for MSPs. Investing in Datto’s backup portfolio will help you cater to your clients’ every data protection needs, no matter where the data lives — from on-premises, cloud and SaaS applications to everything in between.

Hero reports are available free of charge across this entire backup portfolio — one-stop for all your clients’ backup and recovery needs and evidence for the delivered value. Moreover, most Datto Backup solutions deliver immediate return on investment for MSPs, with larger margins and no CAPEX investment.

In today’s dynamic MSP market, you can’t afford to be just another MSP. It’s time to be a hero — a provider who comprehensively safeguards their clients’ digital future, and ensures they know it. Hero reports are the key to rising above the noise and elevating your MSP game. To learn more about Hero reports and Datto’s most complete backup portfolio, book a call with us now.

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