Helpdesk & NOCAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)


Helpdesk Buttons

Tier2tickets is a software startup that began as an MSP looking to fill holes in our own RMM and PSAs. With a unique focus on the end-user, Helpdesk Buttons is in the businesses of no-nonsense solutions that can help MSPs of any size.

Perfect tickets, every time. Users quickly and painlessly submit their ticket directly into Autotask by merely entering their email, the issue they experienced, and hitting submit; no passwords to remember or accounts to set up. Meanwhile, Tier2Tickets packages up screenshots, diagnostic reports, and verbose video of the user’s last 40 actions. The result is a 30-minute head-start, perfect documentation, less communication issues, less time chasing end users, and the ability to start a ticket without guesswork. Your clients will love it, it sets you apart from any other MSP, and it saves you operational costs at the same time.

• Automates end users by sending screenshots, video, error information, and device diagnostics with no training required

• Triggered via hotkey or a branded USB button

• Generates valuable diagnostic reports using real time data from your end-users

• When coupled with a Helpdesk Button, it’s a powerful sales tool end users love

• Secure: End-to-end encryption on all data, with auditing, retention, and SMS

authentication also available

• Customizable: Use your own branding and custom scripts

• Supplements your remote support solution with HTML5-based remote desktop client

Available in the United States, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland in English.

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