Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution

From servers to virtual machines, SIRIS is the secure backup and disaster recovery solution built for MSPs to protect their client data.

Security comes first with two-factor authentication and the immutable Datto Cloud to deliver the all-in-one solution for backup and recovery.

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Secure Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for MSPs

Technical Innovation + Security

Born for the MSP with a cloud first architecture that delivers an all-in-one solution that spans backup to DRaaS, all administered from a secure, multi-tenant cloud portal. Immutable backups and the secure Datto Cloud make SIRIS your best line of defense against ransomware.

Offsite Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution for MSPs

Inverse Chain Technology™

Inverse Chain Technology™ fundamentally changes the way backup and recovery is done allowing for every incremental snapshot to be a fully constructed recovery point.

Exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense™

Does deleting backups either accidentally or maliciously mean you can’t recover? Think again with Cloud Deletion Defense™ that undeletes the unthinkable.

Backup and Server Virtualization Recovery

100% Recovery Confidence

What good is backup if you can’t restore? With SIRIS it starts with backups that are verified at multiple levels including patented Screenshot Verification that verifies not just boot-up ability but application accessibility. Patented ransomware scanning delivers peace-of-mind that client data is not compromised.

Deployment Flexibility

Simplicity is a guiding design principle for SIRIS. From deployment flexibility that spans a software only implementation to hardened backup appliances, MSPs can implement the solution that fits their client’s requirements.

Datto SIRIS: The All-in-one Backup & Disaster Recovery Solution

Datto defines SIRIS as an all-in-one business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution. By unifying backup with disaster recovery, SIRIS provides MSPs with a complete solution stack.

Datto SIRIS Ransomware Detection Screenshot

The Best Defense for Ransomware

While SIRIS provides multiple levels of backup verification including ransomware scanning, what happens if your backup solution comes under attack? SIRIS was designed with security in mind with mandatory 2FA access to the cloud based administration portal, the immutable Datto Cloud with exclusive Cloud Deletion Defense™ and backup snapshots that can’t be corrupted by ransomware.

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Not just a cloud, the Datto Cloud


Immutable Design

Hackers have turned their sights on backup solutions so that organizations can’t recover from a breach or ransomware attack. The immutable Datto Cloud includes multiple security layers to protect client data, all backed by a team of in-house security experts.

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Purpose Built

Unlike solutions that require the public cloud and the associated costs and administrative overhead, the Datto Cloud was purpose built as both a secure backup repository and cloud recovery (DRaaS) platform.

Made for DRaaS

Recovery in the cloud, also known as Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an integral component of SIRIS and the Datto Cloud that delivers recovery of a VM or server via instant virtualization. MSPs can get one or more of their clients systems or applications up and running with minimal downtime.

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FLEXspend for Datto Backup

The location of your data may change, but the need to protect it doesn’t. Our unique FLEXspend program allows you to reassign an existing backup contract to another module within the Datto backup portfolio to protect any type of workload and data — from on-prem appliances, to the cloud, SaaS, and anywhere in-between. FLEXspend protects your investment and helps you move that spend to where your data needs it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Datto SIRIS offers a broad range of deployment options from software-only implementations to purpose-built backup appliances. SIRIS can be deployed as a virtual machine, imaged onto existing hardware, or deployed using purpose-built Datto Hardware as a physical appliance.

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Yes, beyond local backup, recovery, and failover, SIRIS offers DRaaS from the immutable Datto cloud for no additional cost.

Learn more about DRaaS

Datto has its own immutable private cloud which is purpose-built for backup and recovery and to provide maximum flexibility for MSPs and their clients.

The Datto Cloud is the backbone for Datto Unified Backup by not only providing offsite images of backups but protecting them from harm through multiple layers of security.

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Differential and incremental backups are different backup strategies. Datto has developed Inverse Chain Technology™ that uses the best of both of these backup strategies.

Inverse Chain Technology™ ensures reliable backups which fundamentally changes the way backup and recovery is done allowing for every incremental snapshot to be a fully constructed recovery point.

This increases the backup chain's redundancy and the flexibility in how each point is stored and used to virtualize a system in a disaster recovery scenario.

Learn more about backup technologies

Kaseya’s Datto SIRIS Wins Gold for Backup and Availability in SoftwareReviews’ Data Quadrant Awards

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“SIRIS and the Datto backup solutions have become a profit center for us and given us peace of mind that we have never experienced.”

Hoyt Hagens
Hoyt Hagens Vice President, ProMission Projects, Inc

“Our end users get peace of mind because they know their Datto SIRIS is protecting them. We always tell our customers that it’s a great insurance policy. When you do need to use it, you will be very thankful that you have a Datto SIRIS.”

Mark Calzone
Mark Calzone President, Ash Creed Enterprises

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