Helpdesk & NOCAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)

CrushBank AI Knowledge Management

The CrushBank AI Knowledge Management system uses watsonx artificial intelligence to transform IT support. It provides data to speed resolutions, reduce escalations, and deliver unparalleled analytical insight. CrushBank unlocks proprietary and previously unsearchable content to provide invaluable support information and then uses that same technology to help categorize and classify client interactions for improved decision-making. CrushBank makes it easier to collect data, identify missing information to continually bolster a support team’s corpus of information.

CrushBank embeds a launch pad within your ticket view page, allowing your technicians to quickly find related documentation when troubleshooting an issue. For your Autotask tickets, as well as your documentation and collaboration systems. CrushBank creates Smart Data for your business filling critical gaps in support information, leading to enhanced client relations and better outcomes.

AI Data Lake

All your data in one trustworthy IBM watsonx data lake eliminating search time. Connect data from all your different systems, both old and new with native integrations and a universal API. The Large Language Model is trained on your data, not the general Internet.

Advanced Search

Quickly find the historical tickets, documents or notes that can help you solve problems quickly. Pin useful items to a client or issue type.

Ticket Summarizer

Succinct summaries of ticket descriptions and resolutions to speed later retrieval. This empowers help desks with concise insights, expediting issue resolution and elevating client service.


Automated classification of tickets based on previous work. This ensures accurate categorization, streamlines workflows and facilitates data analysis.

Sales and Support


Integration Video

Available: US, UK, EU, APAC – English