January 06, 2022

Discover Holistic, End-to-End Visibility with the New Unified Activity Log for Datto RMM

By Deepak Manoor
Product / Feature LaunchRemote Monitoring And Management (RMM)Datto RMM

Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) platforms are a cornerstone for helping managed service providers (MSPs) monitor, manage, and support their client devices and IT infrastructure. An effective RMM solution gives MSPs deep visibility into customer IT environments so that they can address problems, anomalies, or weak points, and provide an overall view of the health and security of those networks.

For many RMM platforms, presenting data as precise and clear reporting – without having to sift through the particulars – is where they fall short.

Datto RMM has always had logging functionality, providing visibility into user and device activity. However, to provide access to data as fast as possible with maximum precision, we have built an integrated logging mechanism that will optimize context and elevate search capabilities.

The new Unified Activity Log provides the user with a central location and much-improved experience, along with substantive benefits to help us continue scaling Datto RMM as we continue adding millions of more endpoints every year. This powerful new logging page in the New UI provides the following benefits:

  • Device, System, and User activity, all in one place: Access your device and user activity on a single page, providing a single view of all activity in your Datto RMM account while respecting permissions around access to different activity types. That means you now have access to a more comprehensive audit trail and can implement a standardized security posture across your customer base.
  • Access device data at the device, site, or global level: View device activity across all your devices, all in one place, or just for specified sites and devices. For example, you can view patching information at multiple levels – single device, client-wise, or across your device estate.
  • Get the data you need with filters and search: New filtering capabilities allow you to view data for specified devices, users, and sites or at the global level. You can also use a generic search field to return a list of matching activities.
  • Advanced search and sort capabilities: Leverage powerful search capabilities via attributes like site or hostname or any string within the activity. You can also use syntax such as boolean operators, wildcards, fuzzy, and grouped searches to carry out advanced querying of your activity log. Activities can also be sorted based on entities, action types, or chronologically.

Having all this data in a single place makes it much easier to gain holistic, end-to-end visibility across your business and provides the flexibility to slice and dice the data for faster and effective decision-making.

Want to learn more about Datto RMM? Visit datto.com/rmm to download the latest datasheet or try Datto RMM for free.

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