MSP Marketing & Sales day

MSP Marketing & Sales Day is dedicated to the tools and technologies that build and scale your sales and marketing success.

Sales and Marketing can be a significant challenge for MSPs, but it doesn’t have to be. During this half-day, virtual event we discussed sales and marketing tips, tricks and best practices so you can grow (and preserve) revenue in 2021 and beyond. We heard directly from MSPs as well as Datto’s Go-To-Market subject matter experts.Check out the resources and recordings below.

MSP Marketing & Sales day

On-Demand Sessions

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Welcome & CEO Remarks

Welcome to MSP Marketing & Sales Day! Datto CEO Tim Weller will start the day with remarks on the state of the industry, Datto, MSPs, and the businesses they support.

  • Rob Rae: SVP Business Development, Datto
  • Tim Weller: Chief Executive Officer, Datto
The Importance of Investing in Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams are much more effective when working together. Understanding where Sales and Marketing join forces to achieve greater revenue growth is the key to success.

  • Rob Rae: SVP Business Development, Datto
Organically Growing Your Business Through Sales & Marketing

After working with thousands of MSPs, we have developed a simple framework for thinking about how your marketing and sales efforts drive growth. Hear from Datto CMO, Matt Richards and SVP America Growth Sales, Josh Hoffman on best practices covering leads, sales, support, and brand, and provide some ideas to help you grow your business.

  • Matt Richards: Chief Marketing Officer, Datto
  • Josh Hoffman: SVP America Growth Sales
Lead Gen Masterclass for Growing MSPs

“Where are the leads?” is the #1 question on all of our minds. Our subject matter experts will share lead generation fundamentals and strategies you can leverage to engage your target market and fill your sales funnel.

  • Eric Torres: Director of Channel Development, Datto
  • Monica Queally: Senior Manager Digital Marketing, Datto
  • Kira Pogge: Content Marketing Manager, Datto
Why MarketNow? How to Leverage Datto’s Marketing Automation Platform

MarketNow is a robust marketing automation platform Datto provides for free as a valuable benefit to our partners. Find out about how easy it is to set up and use, and how to leverage the wealth of collateral and functionality to help grow your business. Also get a sneak peak at the upcoming UX and functionality enhancements coming this spring!

  • Eric Mingorance: Director of Partner Enablement, Datto
  • Frank Turechek: President, CEO, Founder, ReGenerating Solutions, Inc.
Quick Tips for Optimizing the Sales Process

Relationship management is the cornerstone of an effective sales process. In this session, learn about the key strategies to consistently find meaningful engagements with your clients and prospects.

  • Mike DePalma: Sr. Channel Development Manager, Datto
  • Doug Sawyer: Regional Sales Manager, Datto
  • Carlos Cintron: Regional Sales Manager, Datto
Elevating Your MSP Brand Story

Ways to position yourself as your client's credible source of knowledge, education, and thought leadership. By putting the needs of your clients first and taking a genuine interest in getting to know them, their teams, and their business you will become the go-to person.

  • Eric Torres: Director of Channel Development, Datto
  • Matt Lee: Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT
How to Grow and Preserve Revenue: Providing Value After the Sale

You've closed the deal - great! Now the work has just begun. Follow these strategies to replace "touching base" to deliver real tangible value such as regular health checks, quarterly business reviews, etc.

  • Mike DePalma: Sr. Channel Development Manager, Datto
  • Jim Turner: EVP of Business Development, Frontline Managed Services
MSP Partner Panel: How Sales and Marketing Drive Revenue

In this panel discussion, hear how fellow MSPs have built successful and effective Go-to-Market Teams to feed their funnel and grow their client base.

  • Kira Pogge: Content Marketing Manager, Datto
  • Matt Lee: Director of Technology and Security, Iconic IT
  • Tracy Kraft: Marketing Director, Kraft Kennedy
  • Vic Saccamano: VP and Partner, Strategic Micro

Scale Your Sales and Marketing Success

Learn how Unified Continuity can solve your business challenges, and work with your existing tools.

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It is fantastic to see the peer discussion in the booths and mainstage chat throughout the event. We invite all our Datto Partners to join us on the Business Forum in Community to continue the conversation. You can login with your Partner Portal or PSA credentials.

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MarketNow: The Free Marketing Automation Platform

With MarketNow, you have a robust marketing automation platform to connect with your clients and prospects at the right time, with the right message, to grow your business. MarketNow is available for all Datto partners globally, for free. It is our way of empowering you to go to market faster and easier with Datto products and solutions.

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