Efficient and Secure WiFi Networking

Datto Access points are easy to set up, manage, and use. With WiFi-6 efficiency, long-range coverage, self-healing mesh and network encryption you can deliver a reliable network service.

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Explore Datto Networking WiFi Access Points’ Top Features

Datto Networking empowers you to deliver cloud-managed WiFi.

Secure and Reliable Networking

Increase your network security offering and mitigate risks by leveraging wireless intrusion detection and advanced encryption methods to protect wireless networks from attacks.

Plug and Play WiFi

Datto WiFi is simple to configure, quick to deploy, and easy to monitor remotely. With our cloud-managed WiFi you can spend less time on-site deploying new networks.

Self-Optimizing Networks

Deliver a reliable managed network service with Datto networking and its optimized mesh network. It’s designed to continually fine-tune for a better WiFi experience.

Built for Businesses

Purpose-built for Businesses to deliver a reliable networking experience.

Secure & Resilient Hardware

Datto Networking WiFi Access Points are designed to be deployed in virtually any environment with security top of mind.

Dedicated Security & Analysis

Protected networks are productive networks and Datto Access Points are ready for wireless intrusion detection and advanced encryption methods to protect wireless networks from attacks. The dedicated scanning radio in Datto APs provides WIDS vigilant detection and WiFi insights, which pairs with WPA3 authentication to form secure, optimized networks.

Indoor/Outdoor Rated

Datto Networking WiFi Access Points are rated for indoor/outdoor use. The WiFi-6 APs leverage a high-powered, integrated circuit with amplifiers, as well as external antennas to boost power transmission and receive sensitivity for longer range and coverage than a typical single radio. Everything comes in the box, including all mounting hardware.

Improved Wireless Performance

802.11ac/ax delivers advanced performance for the WiFi network, no matter how complex the setup. From multi-user MIMO to increased bandwidth to beamforming (focusing of the WiFi signal), Datto APs deliver greater throughput, supports higher density environments and improves the speed and efficiency at which WiFi networks support video and voice traffic.

Designed to Continually Fine-Tune for a Better WiFi Experience.

WiFi That Integrates With Datto RMM

Remotely monitor and manage all of your clients' WIFI networking devices

Datto Networking WiFi was Built to be Simple: Just Plug it in and it Works.

Rapid Deployment

With nothing to configure on-site, Datto Networking WiFi-6 Access Points get their configurations from the cloud.

Cloud-Managed Network

Set up the configuration once, then plug in the Access Point with Datto’s cloud-based WiFi management. Schedule when firmware updates will be delivered from the cloud to the networking device.

WiFi Network Cloning

Once a network configuration is set, deploying those same settings to a new network is as simple as clicking “clone.”

Simple Guest Networking

Deploy guest cloud-managed WiFi for small and medium businesses in a matter of minutes by quickly and intuitively set up an internally hosted splash page on an access point.

Common WiFi Questions

What is WiFi-6?

WiFi-6 is the consumer-friendly term for 802.11ax, the latest version of the 802.11 wireless networking standard. It's an upgraded standard that compatible devices can take advantage of to transmit WiFi signals more efficiently. WiFi-6 contains more information into each signal set, which means they are able to communicate with more devices faster.

WiFi-6 is designed to work better in meshed networks than previous WiFi standards. Instead of boosting speeds for individual devices, WiFi-6 is all about improving the network as a whole when multiple devices are connected.

What is Mesh WiFi?

What is WPA3?

Does Datto Networking Deliver Managed Network Services?