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Protect Your Law Firm with Datto

As attorneys, you’re committed to providing your clients with the best legal advice and service possible. In order to do so, you recognize that in the world of law, time stops for no one. Court dates are appointed, not chosen. Contracts have deadlines. Client meetings are a must. Any type of power outage, therefore, is a huge threat to law firms. As a lawyer you have a finite amount of time to build your case, gather materials, research, etc. Should an outage strike your firm as a result of a natural (or most likely man made) disaster during your last few days before court, for example, it could be detrimental to the outcome of a case.

As of 2015, more law firms are going paperless, investing in practice management software, and moving to the cloud. Close to 90% of all documents produced in law firms are now ‘born digitally’ as well.

With technology on the rise, law firms can be more productive and achieve faster results, but there are also potential pitfalls when client data is digital. Like any other business, law firms are vulnerable to fire, flood, severe weather, power surges or any other calamity including accidental or malicious deletions that could take systems off-line and/or wipe out your valuable client data. In addition to these potential threats, there’s the “human factor” where Larry the lawyer accidentally opens that seemingly innocent email attachment inflicting the latest malware.

The company’s previous solution relied on an aging tape drive system, which made recoveries difficult at best. Not only did the correct tape have to be found and mounted, but a small amount of tapes meant that, after 7 days, you were out of luck. “This coupled with the fact that our only off site storage was a lunchbox taken home nightly with yesterday’s tape led me to look at more modern solutions,” says Fex.

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