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The Datto Academy

A “Best in Class” Learning Management System

The Academy is an interactive platform, as the administrator you can manage your teams learning experience, assign them tasks, check their progress and report on this. It will serve as the central location for all of your Datto Product training needs.

  • Datto Unified Continuity
  • Business Management
  • Networking
  • File Sync and Share
Master classes

Master Classes

Online training on a special topic, offered monthly, which focuses on best practices in using Datto products.



Classroom training offered regionally each month, on a themed series of topics.



Online training that supplements the certification course curriculum which is offered on the same topics on a regular basis.



Online training which covers the basics of deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting Datto products. Ideal for busy technicians who need access to learning content “on-the-go” that is accessible from any device at any time.


Boot Camps

Classroom training, usually offered at DattoCon every year, providing a comprehensive and in-depth look at the major Datto product categories. This is a day long intensive training that includes a registration fee.


The Datto Certification Program

The Datto Certification Program is designed to simplify, expand, and increase value for partners. Datto Certifications will validate broader and deeper skills in content-specific areas to maintain relevance in our growing industry. This will enable partners to improve client onboarding efficiency and increase marketability by attracting new clients to your business and setting yourself apart from the competition.

Datto Certified Deployment Specialist (DCDS)

The DCDS Certification is designed to introduce new technicians to steps and recommendations for deploying, configuring, and using Datto products. It is designed primarily for those who are new to implementing and deploying Datto solutions.

Datto Certified Advanced Technician (DCAT)

The DCAT Certification is designed to introduce experienced technicians to steps and recommendations for maintenance, troubleshooting, and other advanced topics related to Datto products. It is designed primarily for those who are experienced in working with Datto solutions.

Benefits of Becoming “Datto Certified”

light bulb icon Expand your product knowledge

badge icon Improve your marketability

building icon Differentiate your business

computer window icon Enhance your professional development

gear icon Decrease technical maintenance costs

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