Reliably Deliver with Simple Automated Switching

Datto Networking Switches allow you to deliver affordable, high-performance switching to seamlessly connect devices and users across a network.

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Reliably Deliver with Simple Automated Switching

Cloud Managed Switches with Enterprise Performance

Deliver robust switching performance for small and medium businesses with features designed to simplify how you manage networking.

Plug & Play

Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) on Every Port

With built-in support for PoE+, every Datto Networking Switch can power up to 30 watts on all ports, taking advantage of a wide range of available power budgets.

Plug & Play

Configured in the cloud so that the only thing left to do is plug the switch in. It’s truly that simple.

Cloud Managed Switches

Cloud Managed Switches

Datto Networking Switches are completely cloud-managed, eliminating extra, unnecessary work required just to manage switches.

Designed to Fit

With 8, 24, or 48 port models, Datto Networking Switches give you options for virtually any sized network configuration a small and medium business might need.

Cloud Managed Networking Solution

Datto’s Cloud managed Switches are designed to work seamlessly with our WiFi access points and cloud management system, enabling you to monitor all networks and connected devices of all networks from a single multi-tenant view.


Flexible Pricing Structure

Business-friendly pricing is designed to help grow your business through a recurring revenue stream with hardware costs payable upfront or as an annuity.

Craft Your Ideal Solution With Datto

Run your business efficiently and achieve next level IT services with our integrated product suite
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Warranty and Support

Every Datto Networking product ships with a lifetime warranty backed by our advanced replacement program. If you have an issue with your device, we ship you a new one before you send your damaged device back. This ensures users are always connected.

A Line of Switches Purpose-Built for Your Business

Zero-Touch Deployment

Just hook up power and an Internet – no local setup required.

Full PoE on Every Port

Power on every port gives you the flexibility to deliver switching performance.

Cloud Managed Networks

Remote monitoring from a cloud-based, single pane of glass with a multi-tenant view of all networks and connected devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud-managed switches are essential in a modern IT network. They work like traditional switches, but they have one major advantage. Cloud-managed switches enable technicians to be able to remotely configure or restart the device remotely, rather than on-site.

By using cloud-connected devices in a network, Managed Service Providers are able to monitor, update and reconfigure at any time. This means that networks are easier to maintain and keep secure across multiple locations.


“SIRIS and the Datto backup solutions have become a profit center for us and given us peace of mind that we have never experienced.”

Hoyt Hagens
Hoyt Hagens Vice President, ProMission Projects, Inc

“Our end users get peace of mind because they know their Datto SIRIS is protecting them. We always tell our customers that it’s a great insurance policy. When you do need to use it, you will be very thankful that you have a Datto SIRIS.”

Mark Calzone
Mark Calzone President, Ash Creed Enterprises

Reliable Switch Performance

Experience the enhanced power management with PoE on every port
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