March 02, 2021

SIRIS Deployment Flexibility: Choosing the Right Solution

By Ona Blanchette

Datto SIRIS offers a broad range of deployment options from software-only implementations to purpose-built backup appliances. This deployment flexibility enables MSPs to implement the solution that fits their clients’ (and their own) requirements. In this article we’ll look at each—a physical appliance, software installed on a virtual machine, or an image on your own hardware.

So, how do you choose between SIRIS deployment options?


The SIRIS appliance is built from the ground up specifically for MSPs. Unlike traditional solutions that were created for end clients, it’s MSP-centric design requires less administrative overhead and eases management.

SIRIS hardware provides a “plug and play” implementation of SIRIS with a wide range of configurations for a fully-featured total data protection platform delivered in a single integrated package.


vSIRIS is the software-only deployment of SIRIS that runs in a virtual machine (VM) in either VMware or Hyper V on existing hardware. It is designed for MSPs that have a virtual host with available resources to support vSIRIS and wants to deploy remotely. This can be beneficial if a client is very small and/or cost is a driving factor.

SIRIS Imaged

SIRIS Imaged is designed for MSPs that want to choose their own dedicated hardware, or want to convert an existing BCDR appliance into a full feature Datto SIRIS appliance. Just insert the SIRIS Image USB key into available hardware, and it will install the entire SIRIS platform. SIRIS Image is ideal for MSPs that want to deploy SIRIS on their server vendor’s hardware.

Key SIRIS Features

No matter if you choose to deploy SIRIS as fully integrated software running on your own hardware or as a hardened, all-in-one physical appliance, its features and functionality are the same:

  • Inverse Chain Technology™
  • Patented Screenshot Verification
  • Immutable Datto Cloud for backup replication and DRaaS
  • Patented Fast Failback™
  • Secure Datto Backup Portal for single-pane-of-glass administration
  • Patented Ransomware scanning

Download our BCDR Buyers Guide for MSPs to learn more about SIRIS and how to choose the right solution for your needs.

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