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Microsoft NCE license automation for Autotask PSA

Zomentum Connect automates your billing process and protects revenue. You can automatically synchronize your customer licensing information, streamline your billing process while automatically synchronizing your customer licensing information to your PSA.

Zomentum Connect prevents your revenue leakage by providing all-around visibility into pricing and billing. With Zomentum Connect you can do worry-free billing reconciliation which is distributor independent and allows you to link multiple vendors and provide service bundles and much more.

The Zomentum Connect platform obtains the amount of licenses from the Microsoft Partner Portal. Once linked with the correct Autotask contract, changes are automatically updated, sold licenses are registered in a timely manner and sales are invoiced automatically. In addition to managing licenses, you can also use Zomentum Connect for billing Azure and VoIP consumption.

The big advantage of Zomentum Connect compared to other workflow solutions is that Zomentum is distributor independent. Zomentum helps you automate the billing process for Tier 1 and Tier 2 partners.

  • Link your Microsoft Partner account to Autotask PSA.
  • Automatically create or update contracts and track changes to your Microsoft product licenses for all your customers.
  • Consolidate your invoices and follow-up using your preferred Autotask PSA workflow.

Available worldwide in English.


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