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tribu uses automation to help IT service providers and MSPs manage customer requests and handle tickets, in turn improving customer service so level 1 engineers can focus on higher level work.

The first product released by tribu is called Talos. In what is believed to be a world first, it is the only program of its kind that integrates with the Autotask PSA platform and Microsoft Teams. It utilizes automation with suggested actions and features, in turn boosting company productivity and improving customer communication.

Talos allows engineers to interact with Autotask PSA tickets. ‘Reactive’ commands allow you to make updates to tickets directly from Teams, and ‘Proactive’ actions prompt Talos to notify channels and team members directly of new items and changes to existing tickets. The two key approaches are designed to improve responsiveness and productivity for the team.

Command line through Teams to Autotask:

· Create new tickets

· Display your open ticket list with clickable links to the ticket

· Add notes directly to a ticket and communicate with end users

· Add time entries directly into your tickets

Get live ticket activity within your Teams Channel:

· Notifications of new tickets

· Notification when ticket SLAs are getting close to breach or have breached

· Notification when customers reply to a ticket

· Take action directly from Teams with Ticket Assignments and Status Updates

tribu is available worldwide in English with free demo sessions.

Contact information for Sales and Support Sales & Support – 07 3067 0001

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