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Inpowa Limited

We believe that the most powerful tool in driving business development is employees that are motivated, engaged and feel valued. This is key in not only driving performance but also in staff retention and boosting company morale. Inpowa enables performance management and employee engagement to incentivise, empower and grow businesses.

Inpowa is an all in one employee engagement and management system. Reduce staff turnover, increase productivity, improve morale and incentivise your people to go above and beyond. Our Autotask integration automatically gets the data it needs to generate league tables, monitor performance and awards diamonds and xp.

· Keep your people engaged via fun gamification techniques including league tables, levels and rewards

· Reports into performance, enabling insights into improvements

· Cultivate an environment where everyone has a voice by sending Flash surveys and reviewing the results in real-time.

· Regular feedback for staff on their performance with 360 Reviews which include customers, leadership, reviewees and colleagues in the feedback process

· Set action points so that individuals know which areas you want them to focus on improving

· Track performance, reward your top performers and motivate people to improve

· Celebrate success together with announcements including employee of the month and customer praise

· Hard workers earn diamonds to spend in the Rewards Store

Available in the UK, USA, Canada in English

Contact information for Sales and Support: contact@inpowa.me

Documentation: https://inpowa.me/docs/autotask/#/

website https://inpowa.me/