February 23, 2021

Why MSPs Should Look for BCDR Solutions with Deployment Flexibility

By Courtney Heinbach

Managed service providers (MSPs) have varying needs in how they deploy business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) to their clients. Some are looking for physical hardware, while others find software-only BCDR solutions a better fit. It may also vary client by client. 

Moral of the story: Deployment flexibility is important in ensuring MSPs are able to support their small and medium business (SMB) clients to the best of their ability.

We created an infographic, The Importance of Deployment Flexibility for MSPs, that outlines why deployment flexibility in BCDR solutions should be a priority. Download the infographic to learn about:

  • The need for BCDR in supporting SMB data security and recovery
  • Innovative technology featured in Datto’s BCDR solutions that is purpose-built for MSPs
  • How Datto’s BCDR solutions ensure deployment flexibility for MSPs
  • And more!

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