May 15, 2024

Slash Truck Rolls Costs With Datto Managed Power

By Chris McKie

Mitigating the High Cost of Truck Rolls With Datto Managed Power

For managed service providers (MSPs), dispatching a team every time there’s a power issue at a client’s location can be costly and inefficient. Imagine the possibility of managing and resolving these issues remotely instead. Datto Managed Power makes this feasible by significantly reducing the need for expensive truck rolls or, in simpler terms, costly onsite visits.

This blog delves into how leveraging Datto Managed Power can significantly decrease dependence on in-person troubleshooting, streamlining your operations and enhancing cost-efficiency.

Reduce Expensive Truck Rolls and Boost IT Service Speed With Datto Managed Power

In the world of IT services, swiftly resolving power issues is critical for maintaining business continuity and avoiding frustrating downtime. One common solution is truck rolls, where technicians are sent to the site to fix the issue. However, this solution has its downsides.

Truck rolls are not only costly due to transportation expenses, technician labor, and potential losses during downtime, but they also take considerable time. A typical truck roll might take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on travel distance and the complexity of the issue. There’s also the hassle of aligning schedules between the business and the technician, which can further delay the process.

Instead of spending hours or even a full day on truck rolls, technicians could use this time more efficiently by managing power issues remotely. Managed power solutions enhance this capability by allowing for immediate responses to vulnerabilities. If there’s a critical need to reboot a server due to a security concern, it can be done instantly from afar.  Moreover, managed power systems allow for scheduled reboots to be set up in advance, ensuring that maintenance happens safely and without disrupting operations. This way, the time saved by avoidingMoreover, managed power systems allow for scheduled reboots to be set up in advance, ensuring that maintenance happens safely and without disrupting operations. This way, the time saved by avoiding unnecessary truck rolls can be redirected towards more strategic tasks, ultimately increasing productivity and reducing operational costs.

Datto Managed Power: A Proactive Solution

In today’s fast-paced world, where speed and efficiency are key, Datto Managed Power stands out as an invaluable tool. It greatly cuts down the need for in-person technician visits or truck rolls, saving MSPs time and money while improving customer satisfaction by providing smoother and more dependable service.

Datto Managed Power lets you manage power settings remotely. This means problems can be detected and resolved fast from any location, significantly reducing downtime and making operations quicker.

Datto Managed Power also features remote power cycling and real-time monitoring to allow technicians to quickly identify and fix problems from afar before they become bigger issues. Additionally, this solution includes automated scheduled maintenance. This feature is set up to routinely check and maintain the devices to make sure they’re working as they should. By doing so, it greatly reduces the chances of devices suddenly breaking down or experiencing power failures. 

Benefits of Datto Managed Power

Here are the three key benefits of using Datto Managed Power.

  • Remote power cycling: Technicians can reboot unresponsive devices remotely, quickly restoring service without the wait and expense of a truck roll.
  • Advanced monitoring: With real-time monitoring capabilities, potential issues can be identified and addressed before they escalate into critical failures.
  • Scheduled maintenance: Routine power cycling for maintenance or to clear system memory can be automated, further reducing the need for on-site intervention.

Datto Managed Power vs. Traditional PDUs

Datto Managed Power solutions stand out from traditional PDUs thanks to extensive integration and cloud-based management via the Datto Network Manager. Here are three distinguishing features.

  • Integrated ecosystem: Datto Managed Power solutions seamlessly integrates with Kaseya’s IT Complete Suite, including Datto RMM and Autotask PSA, streamlining the monitoring and management of all networked devices.
  • Cloud-based management: Network Manager is the single pane of glass for streamlining operations and reducing the complexity of managing disparate systems.
  • Lifetime warranty: 24/7/365 support

Unveiling the New Era in IT With Datto Managed Power

We’re thrilled about the re-launch of Datto Managed Power at Connect IT Global! It’s a time-saver in IT management, perfectly blending the latest tech with the needs of today’s networks. What does this mean for you? Fewer unnecessary technician visits, improved reliability and happier customers.

Datto Managed Power equips MSPs with advanced remote management capabilities, enabling them to deliver reliable service faster. It’s the perfect solution for ensuring smooth operations. Prepare to streamline your processes and wow your clients. Get a demo!

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