In Loving Memory of Andrew Stuart

By Austin McChord

Datto Partners,

It is with deep sadness that I deliver news of the sudden and tragic passing of our colleague and friend, Andrew Stuart. Andrew was a cornerstone of Datto, and an architect of our European business. Those of us that have been fortunate enough to work with Andrew knew him as professional and hard working, filled with warmth and friendship.

Andrew touched and inspired me and my Datto colleagues. We share our most heartfelt condolences with Andrew’s family, and as we grieve his passing with those who knew him best, I've reflected on his time at Datto and wanted to share some memories.

I first met Andrew in 2011 when Datto was looking to expand into Europe. Andrew was the Managing Director of Paradeon Technologies and he led his company’s discussions with Datto to become our exclusive EU partner. As Andrew and I worked together, it became clear to me that he was as "Datto" as I was. A few years later, we made it official as our companies joined forces to become one Datto.

To support our growth in Europe, Andrew knew we needed to be located near a major technology hub. Still, I remember being impressed when he picked up and moved south to establish our first office near London.  What spoke volumes about Andrew was that every one of his eight employees made the journey south with him. The Reading office was to become the beachhead for the company’s global expansion.

Following the recent merger with Autotask, Andrew decided to follow his passion, serving the company and our MSP partners as a global Human Resources leader. Although his work was cut short by tragedy, his impact was already felt around the world. Andrew embodied the spirit of Datto. Andrew knew how to build close-knit teams who love working together to build strong relationships with you, our MSP partners. No words can adequately express the depth of our sorrow, or our gratitude for the opportunity to have worked with Andrew.

Though we are heartbroken, Datto remains fully committed to carrying out Andrew’s legacy of serving and inspiring MSPs to grow and develop their businesses both in the EMEA region and throughout the world.  Andrew’s vision was Datto’s vision, and it always will be.

- Austin McChord

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