August 08, 2023

Additional Datto Products Added to Autotask’s Integrated Customer Billing Feature

By Travis Brittain
BillingIT Management

We recently announced Integrated Customer Billing with Autotask. The launch of this feature included support for Kaseya products in the Security, Audit and Compliance suite of products, including RocketCyber, Graphus, Network Detective Pro and Compliance Manager GRC. Today, we’re proud to announce that this feature now supports even more products, including many of Datto’s most popular products.

The challenge

Today’s managed service offerings comprise multiple solutions carefully curated by an MSP. These solutions tackle individual challenges, such as endpoint management, user support and physical office infrastructure. As a result, MSPs get stuck juggling dozens of different products, interfaces, licenses, contracts, bills and relationships. This is the primary cause of vendor fatigue.

The complexity of paying for these solutions in different billing models adds more challenges. For instance, some solutions charge per endpoint, while others charge per user. When these consumption charges are passed on to customers, it creates a daunting amount of manual work at the end of the month.

Autotask users typically need to review their vendor invoice or product reports and manually update Autotask Contracts with the units used that month before they can generate the customer invoice. This manual process could introduce a new error by not charging your customer enough or overcharging, which could hurt your margins or create a negative customer experience.

How Integrated Customer Billing solves this challenge

Products under the IT Complete umbrella are technically and commercially integrated to alleviate those pains with one bill, one account manager and one place to access it all — KaseyaOne. Integrated Customer Billing with Autotask works hand-in-hand with KaseyaOne to streamline this once-daunting end-of-month task.

Integrated Customer Billing with Autotask allows users to automatically account for the consumption of certain IT Complete products by their customers. As a result, it eliminates hours of back-office work at the end of the month to reconcile usage and update customer invoices. Autotask users can improve their margins by ensuring they accurately collect the revenue associated with the products their customers consume.

Let’s say you are charging your customers on a per-user basis. With Autotask Integrated Customer Billing, the Autotask Contract will be automatically updated with the exact quantity of users in Datto Workplace.. You can also charge one rate for workstations managed by Datto RMM and a different rate for servers managed by Datto RMM. Autotask Integrated Customer Billing allows you to have the exact number of devices updated on Autotask Service. This makes it easy to ensure your customer is always accurately billed for the protection they are receiving.

Autotask Integrated Customer Billing can even handle proration, with the option to have usage data updated in Autotask daily.

Which products are supported?

In the short few months since the launch of the Security, Audit and Compliance suite, we have quickly added additional Kaseya and Datto products, including VSA 10, Datto RMM, Datto Workplace and Datto File Protection. Over the next few months, we will be adding the Datto Backup series of products including Datto BCDR Appliances, Datto Backup for SaaS, Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure, Datto Endpoint Backup for PCs, Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery, Spanning for Microsoft 365 and Spanning for Google Workspace.

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