Datto Workplace for Business Verticals

Security, Collaboration & Control Datto Workplace for Business Verticals

Today’s successful businesses require that employees access and share files, wherever they may be working. Employees remotely accessing files from a hotel while traveling, from a home office or through any other out-of-office location poses challenges in access and opens your business to multiple risks around security, version control and collaboration. If you are in an industry that must comply with certain regulations such as HIPAA, or the shared documents contain private legal or proprietary information, that risk can be costly.

Datto Workplace ™ configures security to meet the needs of your industry and provides easy remote access to files for data management and business continuity. Datto Workplace is built for business with more than 150,000 businesses trusting Datto Workplace every day for their file sharing and collaboration needs.

Help your teams be more productive and do business faster through secure access to any type of business content, from any location, using any device.

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