PC Backup Software

Secure Windows-based computers with a purpose-built PC backup solution. Accomplished with Datto Endpoint Backup, MSPs can provide clients with cloud backup
and rapid recovery for resilient PC data protection.

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Protect Your Clients PC Data With Cloud Backup and Recovery

As the number of remote employees increases, so does the number of remote devices. Tremendous amounts of critical business data still live locally on dispersed employee PCs. Keep it protected with Windows PC backup from Datto.

Endpoint Backup for Everyday - Direct to Cloud

Safeguard Every PC From Data Loss Situations

Deliver a comprehensive defense against unintended deletion, ransomware, hardware malfunction and the loss or theft of devices. Ensure every client PC is backed up and data is recoverable when human error and leading data loss threats occur.

Deploy Proven, Direct-to-Cloud Windows Backup

Eliminate the necessity for additional hardware procurement or management by employing image-based backup technology. This software-only PC backup solution securely stores data directly in the Datto Cloud, providing assured protection for your data under any circumstances.

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Maximize Efficiencies With a Unified Backup Portal

Automate backup schedules and centralize management for all your Windows PC backups under a single roof. Manage multiple clients and streamline the deployment process remotely through the easy-to-use Partner Portal.

Rely on Consistent Margins for Your PC Backup Services

Windows PC backup services with Datto operates on a simple, one-price model with no overages or additional fees. This allows for MSPs to have predictable and reliable margins while providing their clients with transparent services and a simplified billing process.

Prevent Desktop and Laptop Data Loss

Simplify the recovery of PC data and rapidly restore clients to full business operations. Get a demo of Datto Endpoint Backup today.
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Protect Every PC on Your Network

Safeguard all client devices from leading causes of data corruption, such as ransomware and unintentional deletion. For those seeking a reliable PC backup solution, Datto offers comprehensive protection for business data on Microsoft Windows devices. This solution not only secures data but also enhances recovery processes by utilizing image-based restore to recover the entire device configuration, setup and applications efficiently.

Simplify PC Data Recovery for Your Clients

Recover Quickly From Data Compromise

Recover specific files and folders or execute a complete bare-metal restore of the old machine without reinstalling the OS or reconfiguring applications. Utilize point-in-time snapshot recovery to streamline the restoration process, ensuring quick and efficient recovery of PC data.

Minimize Recovery Point Windows

Windows PCs and devices receive automatic backups every two hours to meet ambitious RPO goals. The recovery process is simplified through a straightforward, user-friendly interface that facilitates the restoration of individual PC data or the entire disk as necessary.

Empower Clients to Perform Restores

MSPs can enable clients’ administrators with the ability to conduct user PC file restorations. By utilizing the established client portal functionality from Datto, the effort needed to maintain client devices is significantly minimized.

Easy-to-Use, Trusted PC Backup

Appliance-Free Backup Technology

Accomplish backups with a software-only solution; no hardware or storage management required.

Streamlined Backup in the Cloud

Recover compromised files, folders or the entire PC image — rapidly restore lost or stolen PCs.

Efficiently Deployed and Managed

MSPs can easily purchase, manage and monitor PC backups in the Partner Portal, just as they do with other Datto products.

FLEXspend for Datto Backup

The location of your data may change, but the need to protect it doesn’t. Our unique FLEXspend program allows you to reassign an existing backup contract to another module within the Datto backup portfolio to protect any type of workload and data — from on-prem appliances, to the cloud, SaaS, and anywhere in-between. FLEXspend protects your investment and helps you move that spend to where your data needs it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions About PC Backup Software

PC backup refers to the process of copying and archiving data from Windows-based PCs and devices to a secure location. This process ensures that important files, applications and system settings are safeguarded and can be restored in the event of data loss due to hardware malfunction, unintended deletion or cyberattacks.

The purpose of PC backup is to maintain a redundant copy of all critical data so that it can be accessed and restored quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to business operations.

Cloud backup for PCs is increasingly important in today’s remote workforce environment because it provides several advantages over traditional backup methods, such as external hard drives or local servers.

Cloud backup offers scalability, allowing storage space to be adjusted based on needs and accessibility, making it possible for users to access their data from any location with an internet connection. Additionally, cloud backup solutions often include advanced security measures to protect data from unauthorized access and cyberthreats, making it a superior option for ensuring the safety and availability of critical data.

PC backup with Datto is conducted through Datto Endpoint Backup, a robust solution designed to protect Windows PCs and other endpoint devices. This software automates the backup process by regularly saving a copy of the device’s data, including files, applications and system settings, to Datto’s secure cloud.

Datto Endpoint Backup allows for continuous data protection, minimizing data loss between backups. In the event of data loss or a system failure, users can quickly restore their PC to a previous state or recover specific files, ensuring that business operations can continue with minimal disruption.