Reliable Cloud-Based Backup and Disaster Recovery for Microsoft Azure

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure is designed specifically for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), including many powerful features at no additional cost.

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Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure Features

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure is a data protection solution that goes beyond backup and recovery. It provides full business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) for Azure in one integrated stack.

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Raising The Bar for Reliability

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure was built from the ground up to ensure that MSPs can deliver a reliable Azure BCDR service to your clients at scale. With its multi-cloud replication and screenshot verification you can be confident that your data is safe.

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Secure Offsite Azure Backup & Recovery

When it comes to choosing a new solution for your tech stack, security is a top priority. Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure is built on an immutable cloud architecture with encrypted discs, ensuring you can provide secure Azure backup services to your clients.

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Predictable Azure Backup Costs with Datto

Predictable Costs

We make it simple to calculate your costs for Azure BCDR. Flat-fee pricing with no charges for egress, compute, and data storage. With Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure, you know exactly what your expenses and profit margins are.

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Purpose Built for MSPs

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure was created specifically for MSPs, so you can easily manage client data protection at scale while creating new revenue opportunities for your business. A turnkey solution, it provides your clients with complete Azure BCDR protection as they leverage the scalability and efficiency of the public cloud.

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Reliable Azure Backup & Restore

Reliable solution to protect Azure data. Ensure true continuity with hourly replication to the secure Datto Cloud.

Multi-Cloud by Design

Minimize single-cloud risk with hourly replication to the Datto Cloud. Flexible recovery options include full metadata restores that do not require manual intervention. Perform a file restore and virtualize in the Datto Cloud in seconds.

Hourly Backups

Azure workloads are replicated every hour to the secure Datto Cloud to enable a 60-minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

End-to-End Protection

Ensure consistent management and protection, from endpoint to server to cloud.

Predictable Costs

Make cloud costs more predictable while building healthy margins, with a single-quote solution.

Predictable, Simple Pricing

Flat-fee pricing with zero-charge egress, compute, and data storage for multi-cloud replication. Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure eliminates the guesswork of estimating Azure costs and the hassle of unexpected charges.

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Easily forecast the total cost of Azure BCDR with one flat-rate bill that accounts for all associated costs.

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Security-Focused Azure BCDR

Protect critical Azure workloads with a cloud-based solution built on our relentless commitment to security.

A Standalone Solution

Ensure Azure workloads are secure and easily recoverable with primary offsite replication to the secure, reliable Datto Cloud.

Cloud Deletion Defense

Easily recover the full dataset of snapshots that are maliciously or accidentally deleted.

Client Protection

Securely protect each individual client from malware and security threats with a single tenant model, encrypted discs, and an immutable cloud architecture.

Purpose Built for MSP’s

Be confident that backups are complete, bootable, and easily recoverable.

Single Pane of Glass Management

Manage cloud backups from one screen, organized by client. minimize time-consuming manual tasks with screenshot verification, automated testing, and email alerts.

Easily Prove MSP Service Value

Datto Backup’s Hero Reports help MSPs to prove the value of their service and grow the business.

Enhanced Tenant Security Controls

Designed to exclusively protect MSP environments and secure individual client tenants with an extra level of security controls and encrypted discs per client tenant.

Integrated With Your Business

Datto Backup for Microsoft Azure is integrated with multiple MSP tools, including Autotask PSA and Datto RMM, to reduce costs, optimize processes and increase customer satisfaction.