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Powerful Features in a Small Device

With Datto ALTO and our support team by your side, your clients know their business is protected and will continue to operate without disruption.

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Explore ALTO’s Top Features

ALTO is a small, fully-featured BCDR platform delivered in a single integrated package.

Reliable Data Protection

Automatically backup and protect up to 2TB of data across four agents, with ransomware verification and flexible recovery options.

Restore Anytime, Any way

ALTO has restore tools designed to get your clients up and running fast with options for instant cloud virtualization, full bare metal restores and everything in between.

Global Cloud Infrastructure

Our 24/7/365 cloud gives you a range of data retention options and the ability to immediately recover your clients’ data from a choice of regional data centers.

Cloud-Managed Business Continuity

Manage your entire BCDR fleet via a single pane-of-glass in our Partner Portal or via Datto RMM.

Reliability You Can Trust

With automated backups and advanced verification to ensure they boot correctly, it's easy to see why ALTO is trusted by thousands of MSPs.

Reliable Backups

ALTO combats the high failure rates associated with most backup offerings to deliver more resilient backups and efficient storage management.

Built-In Ransomware Detection

Gain peace of mind and be resilient against ransomware attacks with ALTOs automatic ransomware detection.

Automated Data and Boot Verification

ALTO automatically verifies that each and every backup is bootable and ready for action before disaster strikes.

ALTO Integrates With Datto RMM

Manage your entire BCDR fleet directly from Datto RMM

Rapidly Restore in Any Scenario

Datto ALTO protects data 24/7 and is full of features to get small business clients back up and running rapidly.

Additional Features

No Certification Required

Add BCDR to the existing service-set without wasting time by cobbling together individual technologies. The product works right out-of-the-box with minimal setup and configuration.

Integration with Critical MSP Business Tools

RMM, PSA, documentation and more.

24/7/365 Direct-to-Tech Support

Our certified experts are available to help every step of the way and offer assistance.

The Datto Partnership

Datto Partner Program benefits, sales and marketing support, and more.

Image Based Updates

Significantly reduce errors in the update process and create consistency across the entire fleet of active Datto devices.

Infinite Cloud Retention

Keeps data in the Datto Cloud indefinitely.