Your Personal Marketing Platform


MarketNow Summary

Marketing is critical component of any long-term business strategy. It takes many forms and can be vastly different from one business to the next. With MarketNow, you have a robust marketing automation platform to talk to your clients and prospects at the right time, with the right message, to grow your business.

MarketNow is available for all Datto partners and is our way of empowering and enabling you to go to market faster and easier with Datto products and solutions.

Benefits of MarketNow

We understand that you have a limited amount of resources to dedicate to marketing Datto. That’s why we’ve created the collateral for you—customizable to reflect your brand. You can start marketing Datto products and solutions within minutes of first logging into the MarketNow platform.

Launch lead generation campaigns and nurture leads

Instantly access a wide variety of pre-built email campaigns focused on educating your prospects about business continuity and other relevant topics. Launch, monitor, and track the effectiveness of each campaign right from the platform.

Boost your web and social media presence

Through social media syndication, and web content syndication, you can quickly and easily boost your social media presence with minimal effort. Let Datto create the social posts and web content that you can leverage based on your preferences.

Cobrand collateral for a custom look

Represent your brand with customizable collateral, including ebooks, presentations, reports, infographics, and more. When you cobrand with Datto, you’re leveraging the credibility of an industry leader.

Manage the Prospect to Sales Process

When you start marketing through MarketNow, you’ll gain valuable information on your prospects, including how they are engaging with marketing content you send through MarketNow so you can better focus on closing deals.

Detailed marketing analytics

You’ll be able to identify the point when a prospect becomes a lead, how different prospects from a single company interact with your content, and which different tactics work better for specific audiences.

Lead scoring to help you prioritize

Your prospects accumulate points for each action they take, which translates into a lead score. Based on this lead score, their engagement status is ranked as either a high, medium, or low.

Integration to fit your business

MarketNow integrates directly with many CRM, PSA, and RMM platforms including Salesforce, Hubspot, SugarCRM, Connectwise, and Autotask so all your contacts and leads are always synced.

How it Works

If you’re a Datto Partner, MarketNow will be available to you directly from the Partner Portal via single sign-on (SSO). This will take you directly to the MarketNow homepage for you to start your journey with MarketNow.