Visy Technology Systems Improves Sales Management and Project Efficiency With Autotask

Visy Technology Systems is a global leader in the food packaging industry, renowned for its innovative products and commitment to sustainability. As a multinational company, Visy Tech manufactures packaging from cardboard boxes, water bottles, jam jars, and food and beverage cans, all using recycled content. In addition, they provide high-tech machinery for food and beverage producers to support their operational needs around packaging and logistics. Before implementing Autotask, Visy Technology Systems sales team struggled to provide accurate quotes to their food and beverage customers in the field.

  • Company: Visy Technology Systems
  • Industry: Packaging, Inspection and Identification Systems
  • Location: Melbourne, Australia
  • Established: 2001
  • Interviewed: Steve Jowett, Managing Director at Visy Technology Systems

Autotask has delivered significant value to us, enabling detailed capital sales forecasts and commercial visibility for revenue planning. It’s been instrumental in managing the complexity of capital sales and maintaining sales margins, which are critical for our business.

Steve Jowett

Managing Director at Visy Technology Systems

The Challenge

Visy Tech faced challenges in managing distributed sales data and customer interactions. Before implementing Autotask, the company relied on manual CRM and quoting systems, including local databases, distributed Excel spreadsheets and paper order forms. This approach was inefficient and hindered Visy Tech’s ability to maintain a unified and accurate sales and quoting process across its multiple offices. Multiple revisions of quotes were required before final sign-off could be obtained, delaying the delivery of packaging and causing projects to slip past their due date.

Autotask filled gaps to provide a distributed quoting system from one database instead of different spreadsheets, significantly enhancing our efficiency.

Steve Jowett

Managing Director at Visy Technology Systems

The Solution

Autotask provided Visy Tech with a robust cloud-based platform that streamlined sales, procurement and project management. With Autotask, Visy Technology Systems centralized its quoting system, enabling sales teams across seven national offices to generate consistent and accurate quotes from a unified product list.

I like using the dashboards and building custom dashboards. Forecasts for sales are very helpful for managing salespeople. With this tool, we’re able to drill down into individual sales team members’ day-to-day metrics and goals.

Steve Jowett

Managing Director at Visy Technology Systems


Autotask significantly improved Visy Tech’s sales and project delivery efficiency. Key stakeholders, like Steven Jowett, could now instantly receive updates on sales activities, verify details and initiate project workflows directly from the Autotask dashboard. The platform allowed Visy Tech to manage its sales pipeline effectively, track opportunities and create detailed sales forecasts that helped with strategic planning and performance management.

Visy Tech also uses the Autotask project module to track the delivery of the products and services post sale. Using the Won Opportunity Wizard in Autotask, project tasks are created to order items from suppliers, pull items from inventory and install equipment at the customer site.

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