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Network Continuity for Small and Medium Business

Datto Networking delivers Network Continuity with always connected WiFi and fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback to ensure the network is always available. The product line includes a collection of high-performance, fully integrated, secure networking products optimized for deployment in a small or medium sized business, complete with centralized, cloud-based management. Each networking product delivers enterprise-grade networking at a competitive price.

With Datto Networking, complete networks can be deployed in a matter of minutes, rapidly delivering secure and highly reliable network services at scale. Deployments range from a single office or building to multiple locations or a campus, with configuration options to optimize for individual customer need.

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Today’s businesses operate in a hyper-competitive, increasingly global economy, faced with more communication, logistical and system challenges than ever before. Mobile workers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, cloud-based business applications, email, Voice over IP (VoIP) phones, in-house business applications...the complexity continues to grow. And at the heart of it all is the network. The network enables internal and external communication. It’s where and how business gets done. It is the backbone of 21st century business.

So what happens when it goes down and the business can’t get online?

For many, business just stops. When that happens, businesses lose money. A recent study by Ponemon Institute found that on average, businesses lose $22,000 every minute their network is down. That’s a staggering statistic that includes lost website traffic, salaries, productivity and lost revenue in the calculation.

For many businesses, network downtime is catastrophic to the bottom line. Datto Networking was designed with always connected networking in mind.

We call it Network Continuity.

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What is Network Continuity?

Network Continuity from Datto Networking delivers seamless, uninterrupted, always connected network operation with fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback, always available cloud management, seamless WiFi roaming, self-healing capabilities, hardened security and built-in safeguards designed to ensure maximum uptime.

In business, network connectivity can determine who wins and who loses. It can be the difference between servicing customers or frustrating them to no end. Businesses can’t afford to be offline. Datto Networking’s always connected, high performance network products provide businesses with peace of mind, and the confidence that the network will be there when they need it.


What is 4G LTE, and why is it important?

Today, 4G (or 4th Generation) promises data transfer speeds of up to 100 Mbps, and represents the high-speed data transfer across all cellular networks. According to a recent report by Open Signal, Verizon Wireless leads the US market with the fastest downloads and most reliable 4G network. LTE, or Long Term Evolution was coined as an all-encompassing term to describe the technologies needed to get to the promise of 4G.

So why does this matter, and what does it have to do with Datto Networking? Datto Networking delivers fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback from Verizon Wireless as one of its key features. This means that if the business loses its connection to the Internet, we detect it and seamlessly failover to Verizon’s network. Business keeps going.

Managed networking services, the Datto way

At Datto, we believe in the value of great products and an unwavering commitment to 24x7x365 customer service and support. Every Datto Networking product ships with a three-year warranty...backed by our replacement program. If you have an issue with your device, we ship you a new one before you send your damaged device back. That way users are always connected.

Datto Partners access the Datto Networking cloud management interface from the same portal used to manage other Datto devices. From this single pane of glass, partners can access, monitor and manage their entire Datto fleet. From service and support to a single invoice for all Datto products, it’s how we do things...the Datto way.


Datto Networking Use Cases

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Network Continuity

Business increasingly relies on the continuous operation of and connection to the Internet...being down simply isn’t an option.

Datto Networking features fully integrated 4G LTE failover, a Verizon Wireless service plan that requires no contract and includes no overages with standard use. That means that the Internet connection will always be there, even if the main line to the ISP is cut or damaged. All at a predictable, recurring service fee.

And with simple, easy to setup and manage devices and cloud management, Datto Networking scales to meet growth demands. With enterprise class network functionality, hardened security to prevent malicious attacks and zero-touch deployment, Datto delivers network continuity that will grow as needed. Scalable managed networking services from Datto...always connected, always available.


Point of Sale Networking

In the United States today, there are approximately 10 million payment terminals, and nearly 60% of those use analog dial-up to process payments. Dial-up speeds are slow, ranging from 300 bits per second (bps) up to 56K (56,000 bps). Compare these speeds to Datto Networking’s high-speed 10/100/1000 Ethernet connections, with speeds ranging from 10 million bits per second (Mbps) all the way up to 1,000 Mbps. In a busy retail setting, slow data speeds can create a bottleneck, frustrating retail workers and customers alike, especially during peak shopping times.

In addition to delivering high-speed Internet to the retail floor, Datto Networking includes fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback for always connected Internet, to ensure retailers can always process payments. And with Datto’s wireless networking options, up to 4 separate WiFi networks, including a guest network complete with the store’s branded landing page, can be quickly and simply created and managed. It’s a win/win for retailers and for their customers. Always connected Internet means users stay connected, payments get processed faster and retailers deliver a better customer experience.

Small Office Networking

Datto Networking includes high performance networking products designed for small to medium sized businesses. Accessed from the same Datto Portal used to manage all of Datto’s devices, Datto’s cloud management delivers greater visibility and integration between systems, faster network deployments and simpler network configurations. Datto’s managed networking services streamline network deployment and management, saving time and money while delivering the network performance small business demands.


Satellite Office Networking

Setting up and managing a network in a satellite office has never been easier. Leveraging built-in multi-WAN support and cloud-based fleet management, a seamless, satellite office network can be deployed quickly and easily. And network expansion is a breeze, featuring 8, 24 or 48 port switches with built-in PoE+ (802.3af/at), self-healing wireless networking and hardened security features. Whether it’s one office or many, Datto Networking delivers the high performance needed to power satellite offices.

Multi-Site Networking

Datto Networking simplifies multi-site networking with zero-touch deployment, fleet management from the cloud and networking products designed to scale as businesses grow. With included multi-WAN support for primary and secondary ISP connections, simple network debugging, easy to configure VLAN and DHCP pools and Site-to-Site VPN support, connecting multiple locations together has never been easier. And with options for 8, 24 or 48 port switches with built-in PoE+ (802.3af/at), Datto Networking can power all kinds of IP devices.

The modular WiFi devices include a cloud-managed access point, router, mesh gateway and repeater in one compact package. They are designed to work seamlessly with other Datto Networking devices and include hardened security features. Datto Networking deployments range from a single office or building to multiple locations or a campus, with configuration options to optimize for each customer need.


Mesh Networking

Mesh networking is a network topology that has multiple connections (wired or wireless) between each of the network’s nodes. A big advantage of mesh topology is that if one connection breaks, the network can use an alternative route to deliver its data packet.

All of Datto Networking WiFi access points are mesh enabled and get their power from PoE+ (802.3af/at). Access points work together to form a self-organizing, self-healing, encrypted mesh network with seamless WiFi roaming automatically enabled. No more dead spots. WiFi continuity, wherever it’s needed.


Datto Networking delivers the industry’s only MSP-centric set of advanced features. For more detailed descriptions, please see the Technology section of this page.


Network Continuity

Datto Networking features always connected networking with fully integrated Verizon Wireless 4G LTE failover and failback, over-the-air updates with built-in rollback to ensure minimal downtime and a cloud management system for zero-touch deployments. With fully integrated firewall and intrusion detection and prevention, Datto Networking delivers advanced networking configurations to ensure an always connected network.


Managed networking services - for the MSP

Datto Networking was designed and created for delivery through the Managed Service Provider (MSP) channel. With the ability to easily deploy fully integrated and complete networks in minutes and to remotely configure and manage firewall settings, delivering managed networking services has never been easier. Network technicians will appreciate the simple, yet powerful capabilities of the cloud-managed user interface...No expensive training courses or certification required.

Datto Partners access the Datto Networking cloud management interface from the same portal used to manage other Datto devices. From this single pane of glass, MSPs will access, monitor and manage their entire Datto fleet. And because of Datto Networking’s modular approach, MSPs can package networking services as part of a larger offering. With a low cost monthly recurring revenue model combined with our three year warranty, 24x7x365 tech support and the benefit of a single invoice for all Datto products, Datto Networking delivers for MSPs. Simple, managed networking services...the Datto way.


Cloud-Managed Networking

For years, networks were set-up on-site and managed on dedicated servers located on the network. Adding new network devices required on-premise access, setup and configuration. Datto Networking’s cloud management system expedites the process of troubleshooting any network issues, simplifying how networks are deployed and managed.

Hosted in Datto’s state-of-the-art data center, Datto’s cloud management makes it easy to monitor the entire network fleet from the cloud. With zero-touch deployment, over-the-air updates, remote configurations and even the ability to power devices remotely, the network has never been easier to manage and optimize for performance.


Built for Performance

Datto Networking delivers advanced networking features for today’s complex networking environment, and includes options that scale as business needs change. The Datto Networking Appliance incorporates an eight Core 2.4GHz Intel processor, 8 GB DDR3, 32 GB Industrial Compact Flash drive, six built-in 10/100/1000 Ethernet Ports and fully integrated, multi-band, Cat4 Radio (Verizon Wireless 4G LTE). Datto Networking Switches come in 8, 24 or 48 port options with PoE+ (802.3af/at) included on all ports. Datto Networking WiFi access points are fully mesh enabled, and deliver enterprise-grade WiFi featuring dual band simultaneous 2.4GHz/5GHz, up to 3x3 configurations on wireless N or AC, Gigabit Ethernet, standard 802.3af PoE and more. Datto Networking...built for performance.


Hardened Security

Datto Networking incorporates advanced security features to ensure continuity across the entire network. With fully integrated Layer 2 protocol analysis and Intrusion Detection & Prevention (IDP), Datto Networking supports client VPN (using IPSec IKEv2), site-to-site VPN, signature based rule files, web filtering, whitelisting and ad blocking. The built-in firewall with stateful packet inspection supports port forwarding, DMZ Host and built-in connection logic. Hardened security...for network continuity.


Simpler Networking

Datto Networking delivers simple, cloud-managed network debugging, modular and mesh-enabled WiFi access points, and a straightforward, easy-to-navigate user interface with built-in defaults and safeguards for fast and easy implementation. Accessed from the same Datto Portal used to manage all of Datto’s devices, Datto’s cloud management delivers greater visibility and integration between systems, faster network deployments and simpler network configurations.


Future Proof

Out of the box, Datto Networking delivers multi-WAN support, managed in the cloud, facilitating network growth when needed. Every port on the 8, 24 or 48 port Datto Networking Switches comes equipped with built-in PoE+ (802.3af/at), increasing expansion opportunities, even when power options are not readily available. And the Datto Networking Appliance’s fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback enables always connected Internet for businesses in the US, with plans for international options currently underway. With more than 75,000 networks deployed and managed in the cloud, the Datto Networking product line delivers high performance networking that will grow and evolve with future business needs.


Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection

The Datto Networking Appliance performs application (layer 7) deep packet inspection for all traffic passing through the router. This deep level of analysis enables the appliance to categorize traffic by application, and lays the groundwork for enhanced layer 7 features and capabilities.


Quality of Service - Traffic Shaping

The Datto Networking Appliance includes the ability to prioritize business critical applications, a feature commonly known as Traffic Shaping. Utilizing the simple configuration interface in the Datto Networking cloud management software, a Datto partner can identify those applications that require precedence (such as VoIP) to ensure those applications have enough bandwidth to function in an uninterrupted mode. Traffic Shaping also ensures business critical applications will continue to function, even when the Datto Networking Appliance is in failover mode. The result? Always connected networking, and uninterrupted business critical applications.


External Antenna Option

The Datto Networking Appliance comes fully equipped with three WiFi and two 4G LTE antennas. But as many networking appliances are physically located in a back room, in a closet or simply “out of the way,” there are scenarios where the location of the appliance can cause interference and negatively affect the appliance’s ability to connect to the LTE network. To remedy this situation, Datto provides an optional, add-on external antenna. This additional antenna support creates more flexibility and options to deploy the Datto Networking Appliance, and improves connectivity, even in low signal environments.



The Datto Networking product line includes high-performance, extremely reliable products, built specifically for the managed service provider. The comprehensive cloud management system delivers a single pane of glass view of all networks and network devices under management, simplifying network deployment and troubleshooting and streamlining the delivery of managed networking services.

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Datto Networking Appliance

The Datto Networking Appliance delivers network edge routing, firewall, WiFi, intrusion detection and prevention and fully integrated 4G LTE failover and failback from Verizon Wireless, all packaged in a single device, from a single vendor. Designed for managed service providers, the Datto Networking Appliance includes an easy-to-use yet powerful cloud management system with configuration options that will meet the needs of small to medium sized businesses.

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Datto Networking Switches

Datto Networking Switches include robust Layer 2 management features, seamlessly integrate with Datto Networking WiFi access points, and are managed in the cloud. Each port includes PoE+ (802.3af/at) to provide power flexibility for all kinds of IP devices. With 8, 24 or 48 port options, Datto Networking Switches meet the demands of small to medium sized businesses.

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Datto Networking WiFi

Datto Networking WiFi includes everything needed to quickly and easily deploy wireless networks across one site or many. Each WiFi device includes a cloud-managed access point, router, mesh gateway and repeater in one compact package, designed to work seamlessly with other Datto Networking products. Delivering advanced self-healing and self-organizing functionality, Datto Networking WiFi feature a modular design that will meet or exceed wireless network requirements.

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