Datto Networking

Reinventing how MSPs do Networking™

Finally a networking product line purpose-built for the MSP

From pricing to deployment and ongoing management in the cloud, Datto Networking was built for the managed services model. This product line was born in the cloud and features just-plug-it-in installation, auto-optimization and network continuity.

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Built for the MSP. Optimized for the SMB.

Maximize Client Uptime

Always-connected internet ensures businesses keep running

Optimize IT Resources

Zero touch deployments and cloud management mean better use of time

Future-Proof Customer Infrastructure

Over-the-air updates and auto-optimized performance prepare you for tomorrow

Ensure Hardened Security

Advanced security features in every device create a sophisticated defense system

Deliver Managed Networking Services

A networking product line purpose-built for the MSP lets you expand your offering

Provide Enterprise Performance to the SMB

An affordable pricing structure that aligns with the managed services model

Networking Product Line

High performance, fully-integrated, secure networking products optimized for deployment by MSPs in small or medium businesses.

Datto Switches

Smarter and simpler installation, cloud management and rich layer 2 management features to align with MSP operations.

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Datto WiFi

Purpose-built for MSPs to deliver enterprise class WiFi performance as a service for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Datto Networking Applicance

Always connected to the internet with fully integrated 4G LTE internet failover, along with firewall, edge router, and other security features.

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Born in the Cloud

Fully managed in the cloud, with no controller to install on-site

Datto Partner Portal

A one-stop-shop of networking management and business tools built for MSPs to operate more efficiently and grow their business

Single-pane-of-glass status

A multi-tenant view of all networks from a single Networking Status page, fully integrated into the same portal used to manage all Datto devices.

Drill-Down Configuration Management

Simple drill down Networking Management born in the cloud with cloud-stored configurations, templated deployments, configuration cloning and more.

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MSP Aligned

Purpose-built to fit seamlessly into the MSP business model

Integration with MSP Tools

Native integrations with RMM and PSA, the tools an MSP uses to run its day-to-day business.

Multi-Tenant Networking Status

Fully integrated into the Datto Partner portal, Networking Status shows a multi-tenant view of all networks and connected devices with visual indicators of each device’s status.

Simple Guest Networking

Simple-to-use guest WiFi tools that make provisioning a guest WiFi network easier than ever.

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Auto Optimized

Auto-tuning for better performance.

Automatic Self-Healing Mesh

Fully mesh-enabled, WiFi access points continue to broadcast wirelessly, even if the hardwired connection is lost.

Auto-Channel Scanning

Once a day, all broadcast channels are scanned for interference and automatically switch to a new channel if needed.

Auto-Firmware Management

Firmware updates can be delivered automatically, or scheduled and managed by an MSP, giving them more control over the update process.

Automatic Failover & Failback

With fully integrated and automatic 4G LTE failover and failback, the Internet stays connected, even when the primary WAN connection goes down.

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“Just-Plug-It-In” Install

Seriously. Just-plug-it-in. That’s all it takes.

Born in the Cloud

Set up all configurations options in the cloud. Then, simply plug in the device. That’s all it takes.

Network Cloning

Save time and money on new installations by copying configurations from other similar networks.

Zero-Touch Deployment

Once the device is plugged in, it just works. Devices connect to other Datto Networking devices and self-form based on your configuration settings.

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Network Continuity

Always-connected Internet that maximizes uptime

Automatic Internet Failover

With fully integrated 4G LTE failover, Internet outages are virtually eliminated

Self-Healing Mesh

Automatic self-correction to maintain maximum uptime in case an AP loses its hardwired connection.

Cloud Management

Simple, cloud-managed setup and configuration streamlines deployment for the MSP.

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Datto Networking Architecture

Datto Networking products are designed to work together. From the Datto Networking Appliance with always-on Internet, to access points and switches that are purpose-built for the MSP, Datto Networking simplifies deployment and management with a multi-tenant view accessed from the Datto Partner Portal.




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