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RocketCyber / PSA & RMM integration

RocketCyber is a security platform enabling MSPs to deliver billable security monitoring services to SMBs. The company develops endpoint detection and response apps, exposing suspicious and malicious attack activity before a breach occurs.

When malicious and suspicious activity is detected, RocketCyber enables MSPs to deliver alerts/tickets to the Autotask PSA. Deployment of RocketCyber’s cloud agent is performed with the Autotask RMM in the form of a PowerShell script, native installer or as an Autotask deployment script.

*PSA Tickets can be defined by Malicious, Suspicious and/or Informative. 

*RMM deployment of RocketCyber’s PowerShell script enables immediate continuous security monitoring.

Available worldwide in English. Technical Support is offered in English & Spanish.

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