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We help MSPs do more with less effort. Our solution reduces the amount of time MSPs spend on repetitive tasks, accelerating your MSP business. Automation at the speed of light. What took you hours, now takes minutes – and we're still improving.

rocketRTM is a simple-to-use, easy-to-integrate automation tool that gives your team the power to automate the management of thousands of repetitive tasks. With rocketRTM, you can quickly build, execute, and track repeatable actions that used to require hours of manual effort to manage. What's more, you can integrate it into your team's everyday work within minutes of setup.

* Categories - easy organization of processes and templates

* Templates - employ reusable templates to institutionalize process

* Dynamic Search Engine -- build searches that adapt to your CRM

* Rule Driven - customize ticket creation for sets of clients or a specific client

* Ticket Rate Controls - never overwhelm your helpdesk or clients again

* Logical Scheduling - schedule recurrence by day, week, or month

Available worldwide in English.

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