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Cloud Elements

API Manager Platform

Cloud Elements helps your app instantly share data with other applications in the cloud, without placing an integration burden on the business or user who purchased the app.

Integration Features

  • “One-to-Many” APIs: Using our Hubs, one uniform API connects you to many cloud services, which we call Elements.
  • Our Hubs: Documents, CRM, Marketing, Help Desk, Messaging and Finance.
  • Keep Up to Date: We maintain all of your integrations and continue to add new services.
  • Seamless UX: 100% API based service that can be embedded seamlessly into your app. Your customers will never know we’re there!
  • RESTful APIs: Cloud Elements’ Hubs are built on straight-forward RESTful APIs with JSON payloads regardless of the endpoint.
  • On The Fly Provisioning: Elements automatically authenticate and connect to an unlimited number of accounts.