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MSP Process

MSP Process (MSPP) elevates your service delivery with communication, security and compliance tools that log all client interactions. Using SMS, Chat, email, phone, and push-notification channels, MSPP uses the client-preferred communication method for end-user and technician verification, rapid ticket creation and response, and scheduling. MSP Process offers a brandable client portal with a mobile app for ticketing, live chat, and verification capabilities for your clients.

MSP Process enables Autotask clients to create a ticket insights and widgets to leverage our integrated SMS, Tech and End-User Verification and secure data send options from the ticket insight.

  • End-User Verification
  • Technician Verification
  • Integrated SMS
  • Integrated Client Portal & Live Chat
  • Secure Data Send
  • Broadcast SMS & Groups for Notifications
  • Ticket Notifications and Scheduling

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