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As the MSP-dedicated business unit of Barracuda Networks, Barracuda MSP enables IT managed service providers to offer multi-layered security and data protection services to their customers through our award-winning products and purpose-built MSP management platforms. Barracuda MSP’s partners-first approach focuses on providing enablement resources, channel expertise, and robust, scalable MSP solutions designed around the way managed service providers create solutions and do business. Visit for additional information.

Managed Workplace pushes asset information to Autotask. When a ticket is created in Managed Workplace as the result of an alert being triggered or when you manually create a ticket in Managed Workplace, a ticket will also be created in Autotask. Once created, any updates to the status of the ticket made in either system will be synchronized with the other. Similarly, when the ticket is closed in Autotask, the corresponding alert will be cleared and the corresponding trouble ticket closed in Managed Workplace Service Center.

  • Synchronize information between systems for all discovered devices, including those that support WMI and/or SNMP management protocols;
  • Easily configure bi-directional synchronization of ticketing;
  • Synchronize asset details for all devices;
  • Define the criteria that determines which trouble tickets to send to Autotask.

Available worldwide inn all Autotask supported languages.

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