Datto Alto

Backup Appliance For Small Businesses

Datto ALTO is a small, but powerful, business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) solution built for MSPs to minimize downtime and to efficiently prevent data loss for their small business customers.

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Datto Alto Backup Appliance For Small Businesses

Small but Mighty All-In-One BCDR Solution

Small businesses rely on data more than ever, and they need to protect it. ALTO is built for MSPs to ensure their client’s business is always protected and resilient to disasters, ALTO includes verified backups, restore options for any scenario, instant virtualization and ransomware protection.

Datto Cloud Managed Backup and DR

Reliable Data Protection

ALTO builds better backups that don’t rely on incrementals and automatically verify the backup providing peace of mind.

Maximize Efficiencies

ALTO is a plug and play solution that works right out-of-the box with minimal configuration.

Data Backup and Recovery UI

Reduce Downtime

Get back to production as quickly as possible with the combined power of ALTO and the Datto Cloud.

Flexible Protection

Protect any physical, virtual or and cloud infrastructure running on Windows, Mac or Linux.

Even Small Businesses Need Business Continuity

ALTO is a small form BCDR solution that’s designed to get your business back up and running and keep downtime to a minimum.

Backup appliance Back Plate - Datto Alto

Ransomware Protection for Small Businesses

ALTO backups are automatically scanned for ransomware and provide the ability to restore data quickly with near-zero downtime.

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Increased Automation

Reliable Backups

Instantly know when a backup has failed or when ransomware has been detected with our automated data and boot verification.

Secure Global Cloud

Our 24×7 cloud infrastructure provides MSPs the features to geo-replicate backups and rapidly restore and virtualize servers, at no additional charge.

Rapid Restore in Any Scenario

ALTO is designed to get clients up and running fast no matter what the scenario.


“In the 90 days after using the unified platform between PSA and RMM, we saved almost a full workweek of labor. It's a tremendous return on investment for us and we certainly could never go back.”

Micah Thor
Micah Thor null, TechGuru

“Within 24 hours we had eyes on systems and in 30 days we had cut our ticket backlog in half.”

Donnie Gerault
Donnie Gerault President, Empact IT

“To be a successful MSP, you need to have PSA and RMM. The way that Autotask has brought these together has created an entirely more dynamic way for us to see how our business is performing and whether or not we’re delighting our customers.”

Thomas Clancy
Thomas Clancy President, Valiant

FLEXspend for Datto Backup

The location of your data may change, but the need to protect it doesn’t. Our unique FLEXspend program allows you to reassign an existing backup contract to another module within the Datto backup portfolio to protect any type of workload and data — from on-prem appliances, to the cloud, SaaS, and anywhere in-between. FLEXspend protects your investment and helps you move that spend to where your data needs it most.

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Comprehensive Business Continuity Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses

Keep clients resilient to downtime and ransomware attacks
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