Managed Security Operation Center (SOC) for MSPs

With Datto Managed SOC, powered by RocketCyber, managed service providers (MSPs) can stop cyberattacks in their tracks. Built-in 24/7 threat monitoring enables rapid detection and response of threats, backed by a world-class security operations center.

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24/7 Security Managed by Cybersecurity Experts

Datto Managed SOC is a white labeled managed detection and response service. By leveraging RocketCyber’s Threat Monitoring Platform, Datto Managed SOC detects suspicious activity across endpoints, networks and cloud environments. Our team of cybersecurity veterans hunt, triage and work with your team when actionable threats are discovered.


Continuous monitoring

Datto Managed SOC’s real-time threat detection enables you and your clients to relax knowing you have around the clock protection.

World-class security stack

Our Managed SOC was purpose-built to provide world class service and is backed by over 50 years of cybersecurity experience.

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Breach detection

Take your breach detection to the next level by detecting attacks that evade traditional cyber defenses.

Threat hunting

Respond to the latest threats with our elite security analyst team that proactively hunts for malicious activity and helps you respond.

Craft Your Ideal Security Solution With Datto

Improve your IT security and stop attackers in their tracks with Datto Managed SOC.
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Secure and Protect Clients with Managed SOC
– No Hardware Required

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Comprehensive Endpoint Security

Datto Managed SOC enables managed service providers to protect your Windows and MacOS endpoints. With built in advanced breach detection, event log monitoring and intrusion detection you can respond rapidly to an attack.
We also include proactive threat hunting and integrations with 3rd party next-gen AV solutions to ensure a layered security approach.

Real Time Network Security

Gain new levels of network protection with Datto Managed SOC. With real time threat reputation and malicious connection alerts you can respond to network attacks quickly. Datto Managed SOC also includes log monitoring for firewall and edge devices as well as managing DNS information.

Cloud Security and Monitoring

Take your security detection and response best practices to the cloud. Datto Managed SOC enables you to monitor and respond to Microsoft 365 malicious activity. Datto Managed SOC also includes Microsoft 365 and Azure AD security event log monitoring and provides you with an overall Secure Score.

No Hardware Required

Datto Managed SOC deployment couldn’t be any easier, due to it being entirely cloud based. With no required hardware you can deploy Managed SOC with ease and reduce overhead by not maintaining expensive hardware.

Datto Managed SOC – Key Features

We save you time and money by leveraging your existing tools and cybersecurity investments across endpoint, network and cloud. This allows you to focus on what matters most – your business.

Threat Hunting and Intel

We take on the latest threats with real-time threat intelligence monitoring so you don’t have to. Pulling from multiple threat intelligence feeds, our SOC analysts utilize the largest global repository of real-time threat indicators to hunt down emerging threats.

Seamless Log Monitoring

Datto Managed SOC log monitoring enables you to monitor, detect and respond to changes across endpoints, networks and cloud infrastructures. Key log data is pulled from Windows and MacOS endpoints, network firewalls / edge devices and Microsoft 365 & Azure AD without requiring a SIEM or SIEM hardware.

Breach Detection

Datto Managed SOC identifies tactics, techniques and procedures used by attackers. It aligns these to MITRE ATT&CK, making breach detection and response effective, effortless and easy.

Integration with PSA ticketing

When a threat is detected our SOC analysts investigate and triage each incident. They then create detailed tickets for your PSA system – such as Autotask PSA. These tickets include remediation details so you can respond quickly without having to hire additional staff.

Next-Generation Malware Detection

Take your malware detection to the next level with a Datto Managed SOC.
As part of a multi-layered security approach you can use your preferred malware prevention or our Microsoft Defender command and control application. This includes malicious detection of files, tools, processes and more.

Intrusion Monitoring

Datto Managed SOC includes real-time intrusion monitoring to detect threats before they cause widespread damage.
By monitoring for suspicious activity, such as accessing unauthorized services and backdoor connections, you can be alerted before attacks succeed.

​​Additional Security with Key Integrations

Datto Managed SOC, powered by RocketCyber includes a wide range of additional security integrations via our App Store. These additional tools are all able to be monitored by our SOC analysts 24/7.

AV/ AM Monitoring

Deep Instinct
Windows Defender

Firewall Analyzer & Monitoring

Cisco Meraki

Email Monitoring & DNS Monitoring

Microsoft 365

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