April 28, 2020

The Importance of RMM Security

By Chris Brunau

There’s no shortage of cybersecurity threats in today’s world. MSPs have recently been thrust into the crosshairs of threat actors because of unfettered access to their customers’ IT infrastructure and the valuable data within it. The RMM solutions used by MSPs are incredibly powerful and efficient at becoming weaponized to deploy malicious software to a managed environment in just moments. In October 2018, the United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an alert specifically to warn MSPs of the threat, and Datto is leading the way to help RMM partners remain safe. 

While no system will ever be 100 percent secure, MSPs are paying attention and prefer solutions that exhibit proactive security postures. Traditionally, software vendors have used language to speak about the importance of security. However, MSPs see through shallow terms and have become more educated on what to inspect and what to ask for when choosing a secure solution.

Today’s MSPs evaluate the cost of risk more because of what is at stake and weigh the responsibility they have to their customers against their own attack surface. But there is now a trend toward minimizing the exposure by choosing and migrating to systems, such as Datto RMM, built as multi-tenant cloud solutions where software vendors can provide significantly greater resources and capacity to quickly secure entire zones. 

MSPs also prefer vendors who proactively monitor the threat landscape and take active measures to incorporate security practices and software enhancements to protect against broad, global threats as well as local threats such as rogue or disgruntled employees who can become equally devastating to a small business. Software vendors who deliver frequent updates across the entire user base offer the highest degree of proactive protection for any MSP.

MSPs now prefer software solutions from vendors who demonstrate their commitment to help MSPs tackle issues they struggle with the most. In our new eBook, we cover 5 factors every MSP should consider when choosing an RMM solution to meet their long-term goals. You’ll learn which features to look for in an RMM platform, the value in considering an RMM solution’s roadmap, why security practices from your RMM vendor matter, and more. Check it out today.

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