Everything you need in a BCDR Solution

Your clients prioritize security and data protection. That’s why your business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) offering has to enable you to provide the protection they need, while containing advanced features like cloud-based recovery and providing an MSP-friendly interface.

This webinar will detail these requirements and address everything else you should have in a BCDR tool.

Here’s an example of what you’ll learn in this event:

  • Key components of a BCDR solution that will provide the best data protection service
  • The benefits both you and your clients will experience from an integrated solution that provides everything from a single-file restore to complete local or cloud-based disaster recovery
  • How multi-tenant, cloud-based secure administration provides the accessibility you need to better serve your clients
  • The impact ransomware has made on BCDR and why you need to choose a solution that cannot be compromised
  • Why a purpose-built cloud for data protection is more cost-effective than build-your-own public cloud solutions
  • And much more!