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T-Consulting is an MSP based in Italy that, since 2007, serves SMBs with innovative managed solutions. Our company was born out of our funder’s love and passion for IT and, in a little over a decade, became a thriving actor in the IT regional scenario. Every year we help more than 900 people managing and leveraging IT to work better, faster, and with less stress. Since our first days, our mission has been: using the best IT solution to make your business grow.

We are focused on Security Services and Business Continuity because what our clients need the most is an IT infrastructure that they can always trust.

Globaldash is a cloud-based, multi-tenant platform that integrates all the alerts generated by the most common monitoring tools for MSPs and tech support providers. It’s a single point of aggregation that helps technicians focusing on their tasks rather than jumping from one tool to the other, wasting time and energy.

Globaldash saves tech teams from the pain of missing one alert while overwhelmed by dozens of monitors to check continually. Globaldash makes your company more proactive and helps you optimize your resources by collecting all the alerts generated by sources such as RMM, endpoint security software, and networking devices.

  • CLOUD-BASED; Globaldash is hosted on a data center that is EU based, GDPR and ISO 27001 compliant
  • MULTI-TENANT; more than one person at the same time can access Globaldash.
  • CROSS-LINKED; Each alert links to the source or device that generated it
  • MULTI-USER; Each tech can set a different view, based on a specific role or responsibility they carry within the organization.
  • PAAS; Pay as you go with monthly or yearly subscriptions.
  • CUSTOMIZED; Within all the sources available, you can choose the ones your company needs.

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It’s available globally, we have English speaking support and flexible support contact time.

English and Italian, and plans to translate it in French also.