Cloud Service DeliveryAutotask Professional Services Automation (PSA)


Cloud Service Delivery

Our motivation is to help MSP’s to grow and scale their cloud business. We are Keenondots, a Dutch based company, delivering a customizable Platform-as-a-Service for the automated service delivery and billing of cloud services. Our solution is built to easily manage the dynamics of usage based cloud services. We automate your delivery workflows, from customer to cloud supplier and back. Combined with a customer portal or storefront, you have a zero touch delivery process. We make sure that delivering your cloud based portfolio is not a painstaking manual process anymore. This will accelerate your business.

The Keenondots Autotask integration synchronizes customer & subscription data with PSA, enabling full automated billing and contract administration. We eliminate data entry and billing errors. No Batch files, CSV or XML. Auto Updating of Autotask for:

Customer Data – Every 5 minutes we check if there are new customers or changes in the customer records in PSA, and will import these. You administrate the customer data in just one system.

Ordering data – Daily, we automatically synchronize all subscription and cloud solutions orders into PSA. This is done with your cost and sales pricing. This integration will reduce errors, increase efficiency and keep your contract administration up to date.

Integration Features

Direct Integration between Marketplace Subscriptions and Autotask Contracts.

Automates data entry of subscription cost and count info into Autotask Contracts Direct synchronizations of cloud subscriptions, such as Azure, Office 365 and other ISV’s into Autotask contracts and services.

  • 1-on-1 synchronization: every delivered cloud service has a contract and service in Autotask.
  • All-in-one contract: synchronization of all cloud subscriptions into one contract in Autotask for bundled workplace solutions.
  • Exclude cloud subscriptions from synchronization
    • End customer changes in the self-service portal are pushed to Autotask.
    • Customer details are synchronized from Autotask to our cloud platform

Billing & Reporting – Invoices are send out via Autotask without manually changing the quantity of services. Reporting on all changes.

Available worldwide in English.

Sales: +31 88 82 82 100