Why RMM is Crucial for MSPs to Fight Ransomware

November 23, 2020

Why RMM is Crucial for MSPs to Fight Ransomware

By Courtney Heinbach

There are countless tools available to managed service providers (MSPs) to help them mitigate the risk of ransomware for themselves and their small and medium business (SMB) clients. There’s no single solution that can completely prevent a business from an attack, but rather many that work together.

The first thing that may come to mind when you think of “ransomware protection” is antivirus. Antivirus is absolutely important in detecting malware in your clients’ infrastructure, but it’s not the only tool that MSPs can utilize to up their protection for clients. Remote monitoring and management (RMM) tools are also imperative when forming a ransomware protection plan.

RMM tools help protect against ransomware by enabling MSPs to:

  • Monitor installed applications and perform updates
  • Automatically block or uninstall restricted applications
  • Proactively fix issues before problems arise
  • Remotely resolve problems for a faster solution
  • Deploy endpoint security products, including for BYODs

To learn more about the ransomware risk MSPs and their clients face and how RMM tools can help prevent becoming a victim, take a look at our infographic, RMM is Key in the Fight Against Ransomware. Download your own copy of the infographic and receive additional RMM resources.

RMM is Key in the Fight Against Ransomware

Take a look at our infographic to learn more about how you can use a sophisticated RMM solution to mitigate ransomware risk.

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