What is Remote Access Software? Benefits and Capabilities with Datto RMM

By David Weiss

What is Remote Access Software?

Remote access software (RAS) allows a local user in one location to perform useful functions elsewhere. With RAS, users can connect with, access, and control a remote computer, network, or server in another location.

RAS is made possible by connecting local and remote hosts over a network. A technician requests access to the remote device. Once it is authenticated, they can fully access it, using their own local keyboard and mouse to control it.

Accomplish More for IT Clients with Datto RMM Remote Access Tools

Remote access tools are a critical component of Remote Monitoring and Management solutions used by Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to support their clients. MSPs rely on remote access capabilities to immediately work with client systems without having to travel onsite. This enables them to efficiently service their entire customer base. Due to social distancing and a more widely dispersed remote workforce, remote management, monitoring, and access are more important for MSPs than ever before.

Remote monitoring and management is core to every MSP’s ability to remotely access their clients’ computers, servers, and networks. As organizations become more remote, MSPs must employ the right management tools to monitor endpoints for larger clients. The best remote access tools also close security and data loss vulnerabilities and reduce MSP response times.


Datto RMM is a secure, fully-featured cloud platform for MSPs to remotely monitor, manage and support every endpoint under contract. It allows MSPs to centralize the management of all client endpoints to reduce your costs and boost your service delivery efficiency. Datto RMM provides a unique combination of features, scalability, usability, and affordability.

The remote support access components of Datto RMM are a powerful way to resolve client issues to help build value and trust with clients. Powered by Web Remote, our browser-based HTML5 remote control technology, Datto RMM helps MSPs to quickly take over a device to resolve client issues with one-click remote access. Fast and responsive, Web Remote launches quickly and enables techs to get straight into a desktop environment for support.

You can launch troubleshooting tools without having to navigate through the host environment, which allows for efficient assistance without interrupting the end-user. If a screen share is needed, Datto RMM enables your technicians to access managed endpoints from any device.

Datto RMM provides you with powerful capabilities designed for MSPs to support their clients remotely. It allows you to:

  • Distribute and silently install pre-configured RMM agents
  • Install vital business software, like Office 365 and file sync & share, to a distributed, remote workforce
  • Set up Virtual Private Network (VPN) software for secure access behind the corporate firewall
  • Deploy VoIP softphones to protect the exposure of end users’ personal phone numbers
  • Ensure critical security patches are in place to reduce vulnerable attack surfaces
  • Benefit from Web Remote, Datto RMM’s browser-based HTML5 remote control application for one-click remote access to client devices
  • Receive instant support requests from end-users when trouble arises
  • Provide secure, permitted remote support of end-user devices
  • Automatically uninstall the RMM agent and business software from end-user devices when WFH mandates are eased

Plus, Datto RMM integrates seamlessly with a wide range of critical MSP-centric tools including professional services automation (PSA), continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) systems and networking tools. The result for MSPs: one highly efficient centralized management platform for everything.

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Benefits of Datto RMM’s built-in remote support tools

Datto RMM gives MSPs the ability to securely and intuitively manage IT endpoints from any location. Build value and trust with your clients, using the RMM platform optimized for rapid response to resolve client issues more efficiently.

Benefits of Datto RMM include:

  • Provide instant support with Web Remote for one-click remote access to managed devices
  • Receive instant support requests from end-users when trouble arises
  • Seamless integration with MSP-centric applications including PSA, antivirus, BCDR and networking devices
  • One centralized management platform for all of your systems and endpoints
  • Reinforce client confidence and deliver value with rapid response and full service

Datto is 100% channel-only for a true partnership with MSPs. All of our technology is backed by our renowned 24x7x365 direct-to-tech support.

How to get started with Datto RMM

Your clients want to know that you can be there for them, literally on a moment’s notice. As the networks you monitor and manage expand, Datto RMM’s remote access software for MSPs helps you to exceed expectations.


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