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Ensure uptime with smart solutions to protect your clients' critical data and applications whether they live on local servers, end-user computers, or in SaaS applications. Explore our Unified Backup solution.

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Innovation Spotlight
Datto BCDR + IT Glue Copilot: Effortless Backup Documentation Innovation
Released June, 2024

Datto BCDR + IT Glue Copilot: Effortless Backup Documentation

Leveraging IT Glue’s new AI engine, IT Glue Copilot, Datto BCDR users can now get a seamlessly connected view of their backup appliances and an overall backup health overview in one pane, streamlining everyday tasks and ensuring data integrity.

New! Datto S5-X4 Innovation

New! Datto S5-X4

Software-based solution are highly vulnerable to the top three cyber attack methods. Datto’s appliance-based solutions are virtually IMMUNE to all three. The same S5 IT pros already love, now with DOUBLE the capacity and agents included.

New! Datto Endpoint Backup Innovation
Released April, 2024

New! Datto Endpoint Backup

Never choose between backups and budgets again. Protect laptops, servers, and cloud VMs for one very (very!) low price. Image-based, direct-to-cloud backup, managed through the intuitive Datto UI.

Autotask Integration with Microsoft Teams Innovation
Released April, 2024

Autotask Integration with Microsoft Teams

Organize your notifications and discuss solutions with your colleagues in real time by sending posts to Microsoft Teams channels when an Autotask Workflow Rule is triggered.

New Client Portal Innovation
Released October, 2023

New Client Portal

The Autotask Client Portal has been rebuilt from the ground up to provide a intuitive, modern, and mobile responsive experience. This new portal also enables multi-language support.

Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery Innovation
Released June, 2023

Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery

Convenient direct-to-cloud backup combined with Datto's powerful DR capabilities, immutable cloud, ransomware protection and unified management.

FLEXspend Innovation
Released October, 2023


FLEXspend gives MSPs complete flexibility in adjusting their backup spend if data moves - for example, from on-prem to Microsoft Azure, SaaS or anywhere in between.

Datto Portal: Unified Backup Status Innovation
Released March, 2024

Datto Portal: Unified Backup Status

MSPs can now view backup status for Datto appliances, Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery, Backup for Microsoft Azure, and SaaS Protection in a single Unified Backup Status page.

Support for RHEL 9 Innovation
Released March, 2024

Support for RHEL 9

Datto BCDR now fully supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 9, the latest version of Red Hat Linux.

Microsoft 365 Management Innovation
Released November, 2023

Microsoft 365 Management

Microsoft 365 Management allows you to integrate the platforms effortlessly. With just a few clicks, get a comprehensive overview of your tenants, users and associated devices.

Advanced Software Management Innovation
Released January, 2024

Advanced Software Management

Massively expanded software catalog plus automated updates and identification of software vulnerabilities for enriched endpoint security.

SafeCheck with Datto RMM Innovation
Released January, 2024

SafeCheck with Datto RMM

Enable Zero Trust Network Access by verifying user identity and device health through Datto RMM, ensuring secure, compliant device access to cloud applications.

Automated Threat Response for Datto EDR Innovation
Released April, 2024

Automated Threat Response for Datto EDR

Automated Threat Response quickly isolates, kills suspicious processes, and quarantines potential cyber threats, using tailored actions based on expert recommendations.

Datto Antivirus Launch Innovation
Released January, 2024

Datto Antivirus Launch

Boasting a powerful next-generation engine our new antivirus, Datto AV, uses a combination of machine learning, AI and threat intelligence protect against malware.

Impact and Urgency Matrix Innovation
Released February, 2024

Impact and Urgency Matrix

Ensure the most critical tickets are actioned first with standardized priority mapping based on the urgecy and impact of an issue. No more excuses for cherry-picking!

Drop-A-Phish Innovation
Released January, 2024


Deploy phishing simulation exercises and security awareness training in a snap by forgoing the whitelisting of sending domains or IP addresses, saving you hours of time and frustration.

Evidence of Compliance Innovation
Released March, 2024

Evidence of Compliance

Eliminate the time and effort spent collecting data while reducing error, by automatically importing Evidence of Compliance from multiple Kaseya IT Complete modules.

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