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Safeguard critical server data with a powerful business continuity solution. Utilizing Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery, MSPs can provide clients with direct-to-cloud backup and DR spin-up of valuable server workloads.

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Protect Server Data of All Kinds

Expand your managed service offering to protect all server data, wherever it is located — at remote locations, across distributed IT networks, on-premises or as virtual machines (VMs) in any cloud environment.

Business Continuity with Web Protection

Ensure Continuity for Server Workloads

Deliver comprehensive protection against every form of server data loss, including threats from ransomware, accidental deletion, device malfunctions and malicious actions. Provide complete coverage and peace of mind to your clients with rapid virtualization of server workloads in the Datto cloud.

Provide Trusted Server Cloud Backup

Server backup with Datto is accomplished through appliance-free, image-based backups. Servers are backed up directly to the Datto Cloud and a multiregional presence helps you support geographically redundant backups, resilience and performance.

Maximize Service Quality

Deliver Premium Service with Rapid Recovery

Hourly backups to the secure Datto Cloud enable maximum redundancy and optimal recovery objectives (RTO & RPO) for your clients. Streamline server restores through a single, intuitive interface or instantly virtualize a VM in the Datto Cloud for DR when needed.

Boost Profits With Dependable Margins

Transparent, flat-fee pricing ensures predictable, consistent margins for MSPs. This model includes no additional costs for cloud storage, hosting, disaster recovery, self-service DR testing or extra support, allowing MSPs to maintain stable financial planning and maximize their server backup earnings.

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Simplify Management of Server Backups

Server backups are administered via the user-friendly Datto Backup Portal, which integrates the same client and user lists as Datto SIRIS and other Unified Backup Products from Datto. This integration and existing familiarity serves to boost the productivity of MSP technicians.

Demonstrate MSP Service Value

Generate automated service reports detailing client backups. These reports empower MSPs to demonstrate the value of their server data protection effectively and enhance their margins by selling based on value, not just price.

Put an End to Server Data Loss and Downtime

Streamline server data restoration and DR for your clients. Request a demo of Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery today.
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Protect Every Server Your Data Lives On

If your business requires a robust server backup and disaster recovery strategy, Datto’s solution provides the reliability and support necessary to recover swiftly and efficiently. It is compatible with Windows servers across versions 2022, 2019, 2016 and 2012 R2, ensuring your business data remains secure. Additionally, the solution simplifies the disaster recovery process by enabling the immediate spin-up of affected servers directly within the Datto Cloud.

Have Confidence in Server Data Recoverability

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Deploy Optimized Incremental Backups

Inverse Chain Technology™ revolutionizes incremental backup and recovery by only sending changes to the cloud. Snapshots are retained as complete, independent recovery points without the need for rehydration, synthetic backups or recovery of chains link by link.

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Safeguard Server Backups From Deletion

Cloud Deletion Defense™ offers additional protection against ransomware and user action by enabling access to deleted cloud snapshots when an agent is either mistakenly or maliciously deleted.

Recovery Confidence

Get Recovery Assurance With Screenshot Verification

The true value of server backup lies in the ability to perform reliable restores. Datto ensures this reliability with multilevel verification of backups, incorporating exclusive Screenshot Verification to confirm that client backups are healthy, working and recoverable. In addition, proprietary ransomware scanning further ensures the integrity of server data.

Recover Securely in the Datto Cloud

Layered, Immutable Security

Datto Cloud’s immutable design is fortified with several layers of security to safeguard data, supported by a dedicated team of in-house security specialists. Although malicious entities now target server backup solutions to hinder organizations from recovering, you can rest assured that your client data is safe.

Designed for Maximum Control

The Datto Cloud was constructed to function as a secure backup vault and platform for cloud recovery (DRaaS) operations. As servers are backed up directly to the Datto Cloud, our solution eliminates dependence on public cloud infrastructures and the variable costs they are known for.

Built to Combat Server Downtime

MSPs can instantly virtualize and restore their clients’ servers within the Datto Cloud using the cloud-based recovery capability (also known as DRaaS). With a single click, MSPs can resume systems and applications for their clients, ensuring maximum uptime of their servers.

FLEXspend for Datto Backup

The location of your data may change, but the need to protect it doesn’t. Our unique FLEXspend program allows you to reassign an existing backup contract to another module within the Datto backup portfolio to protect any type of workload and data — from on-prem appliances, to the cloud, SaaS, and anywhere in-between. FLEXspend protects your investment and helps you move that spend to where your data needs it most.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Server Backup Software

Server backup is the process of copying data stored on servers to a secure location to ensure it can be restored in the event of data compromise. This practice is crucial in today’s cyberthreat landscape, where data breaches, ransomware attacks and system malfunctions pose constant risks.

The frequency of server backups should align with an organization's recovery point objectives (RPOs), which define the maximum acceptable amount of data loss measured in time. Aligning server backup frequency with RPO ensures that data loss remains within acceptable limits.

Datto's solutions enhance this approach by backing up servers every two hours, allowing businesses to minimize data loss and maximize data integrity and availability.

Server backup with Datto is implemented through Datto Endpoint Backup with Disaster Recovery. This comprehensive solution ensures that data stored on servers is continuously backed up and can be quickly recovered in the event of a disaster.

Datto’s technology creates frequent, automatic backups of entire systems, which can then be restored to different hardware or via virtualization in the Datto cloud. The integration of disaster recovery allows businesses to maintain uptime and access critical applications and data during and after unforeseen events, safeguarding against extensive downtime and operational disruption.