You’re Doing Endpoint Security Wrong: How to Identify and Fix Your Biggest Pain Points

Here’s some bad math: An average midsize business can have as few as five in-house IT pros who have to configure, manage and secure as many as 2,000 endpoints each day. That’s in addition to navigating environments that are rife with haphazardly deployed SaaS apps, shadow IT, unsupported apps and other complexities – and likely while being under-resourced. The result? An IT staff on the verge of burnout and endpoints that are at constant risk of abuse and attack.

It doesn’t have to be this way! Watch our experts share their best insights for identifying and rectifying the biggest security challenges that IT professionals and MSPs face today. You’ll learn:

  • The biggest security threats – both current and emerging – to your or your clients’ endpoints right now.
  • The top mistakes that businesses make when it comes to managing and securing their Microsoft 365 environments.
  • Real-world tips for using automation to relieve your biggest endpoint management headaches.
  • Actionable ways to deploy a unified endpoint management system.

Unified endpoint management is critical for the security of your organization or your client’s organizations. Let our experts show you how – watch today!

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