Cybersecurity Roundtable Series: Key Insights into SMB’s Security Needs for MSPs

Ransomware isn’t going away anytime soon and SMBs understand that they need to have security solutions in place to keep their data secure. In fact, almost one-third of SMBs devote 20-50% of their budget just to security. This puts MSPs in a valuable spot to become their trusted security provider.

Watch the webinar to gain exclusive insight into what your SMB prospects prioritize when it comes to their security needs. This webinar will cover:

  • Why 42% of SMBs have increased their IT budget in 2023 to make sure they are protected against any type of ransomware attack?
  • How you as an MSP can mitigate SMBs’ concern that they may not recover after a ransomware attack?
  • The top security products SMBs are looking for in 2023.
  • What cloud adoption means to SMBs and their security needs.

Watch the Webinar